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catipilers do get thirsty so get somthing like a dolls litill plat and add abitt of wter

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Q: Do silkworms get thirsty?
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What are silkworms?

Silkworms are caterpillars that make silk.

Do silkworms live in the winter?

what do silkworms do in winter

How big do silkworms become?

Silkworms can grow to 3 inches in length. Silkworms go through four stages of development. silkworms grow as much as they eat.

Where is silk made?

its made from silkworms its made from silkworms

Do silkworms turn into butterflies?

No, Silkworms turn into moths

What are facts about silkworms?

silkworms eat mulberry leaves

How are silkworms fed?

Silkworms eat the leaves of mulberries.

Do silkworms have ears?

If you are raising silkworms, they love to eat mulberry leaves. Silkworms do not have ears, and it is said that they have multiple brains.

Why do silkworms sometimes turn yellow?

my silkworms just did the same!

What type of lettuce for silkworms?

Which type of lettuce is okay for Silkworms

What is a tree on which silkworms grow?

Silkworms can grow on Mulberry trees.

Where do silkworms originally come from?

Silkworms are from china, they live in mulberry bushes.

What do silkworms eat?

Silkworms only thrive on the leaves of the mullberry tree.

What leaves of trees do silkworms eat?

Silkworms eat mulberry trees.

What are the uses of silkworms?

Silkworms are used for silk. There cacoons are made of silk. When the silkworms are in their cacoons, the owner boils and kills the worm giving he/she silk.

Can silkworms get sick?

Silkworms have a huge variety of sicknesses that are mostly rather disgusting.

How many silkworms did Julia boil in project mulberry?

Julia had to boil 5 silkworms.

What is the duration of Spring Silkworms film?

The duration of Spring Silkworms - film - is 1.6 hours.

What is you are thirsty in Swedish?

Törstig = thirstyI am thirsty = Jag är törstigYou are thirsty = Du är törstigAre you thirsty? = Är du törstig?

Are silkworms Endangered?


Do silkworms have enemies?


How do male silkworms know when female silkworms are letting off molecules?

they know by when they start to get wings

Do all silkworms turn into moths?

I don't think ALL silkworms do, but most (some at least) do.

Is a silkworm a caterpillar?

yes, silkworms are caterpillars. They are called silkworms because the cocoon is made out of silk.

What is everything a silkworms can eat?

Silkworms only eat fresh mulberry leaves (or artificial food)