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Do sims medieval children grow up?


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They will grow up from babies to children but do not grow up into an adult unless your hero sim dies then you can choose for their child to grow up and take their place in that profession


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Sims 2 double deluxe? yes sims 2 children grow up.

Babies grow into children after 3 sim days but children will never grow into adults.

Yes they grow up from toddlers to children.

They grow up like regular children, they are just green, they grow up kind of like plant sims .

Yes the children in the Sims 3 grow up. The life stages are Infant, Toddler, Child, Teen, Young adult, Adult, Elder and Death.

The kid Sims you control do, but but the uncontrollable ones don't.

By Living For A Long Time Or Defeating A Adult In A Sword Fight.

Yes,but I haven't tried it(looked on the Internet).Im trying to find out how long it takes for the children to grow up.

Unfortunately, Sims cannot grow up unless you are playing on "The Sims 2" or "The Sims 3"

I believe the children do grow up I just don't know when !

No, they grow from a baby into a toddler and then they can't age anymore than that.

In the Sims 1, sims don't grow up. Sorry =\

Sims 1? if so the babies do not grow up.

in the Sims 3 Sims in/out your household and out grow up, get married, etc. but only Sims in your house grow up and supply their needs and stuff like that for the Sims 2. but i think if u get sims2 apartments you could have a bunch of people grow up at the same time.

no they go from babies to children tn they stay like that.

HOPE SO COS I JUST PREORDERED IT! :S GOOD QUESTION JUST BEEN LOOKING AROUND AND IT WOULD APPEAR NOT TO BE NORMAL OR AS GOOD AS THE OTHER GAMES BUT YES IT IS POSSIBLE---- Yes, you can! Children are born as babies and grow into children within a day or so. Children do not grow up into adults like they do in the Sims 3. They are also "unplayable" meaning you can have restricted relationships with them. So far from experience, I have only been able to have 2 children per "family".

No. No Sims in any of the Sims 1 games grow up. This is one of the unfortunate disadvantages of the first Sims.Actually, in The Sims Makin' Magic there's a spell called Age of Instant(I think), which will grow up a sim child. Still, after that the kid can for ex. marry her mother after that.

Yes, babies will grow up into children. All you have to do is just keep having birthday and your baby will grow up but before you have a birthday you need cake, you can make birthday cake if you are at level 8

Yes, they do I have a child that started out as a baby on The Sims Bustin Out

If it's the Original Sims then, no. But if it's The Sims 2 then yes they can.

On the iPod, they do not grow up past the toddler age

No they dont grow up,i dont know if they will update it

if you want them to grow up together you have to play both house holds, hope this helps :)

You could make a pond and go fishing.

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