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Do skunks have whiskers?

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yes, all skunks have whiskers

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Do skunks live in Texas?

There are five different types of skunks which live in Texas:striped skunkshooded skunkshog nosed skunksWestern spotted skunksEastern spotted skunksTexas is the only state where all five types of skunks can be found, they can be differentiated by their markings.

Do zebras have whiskers?

No. Zebras do not have whiskers.

Does a bear have whiskers?

No a bear does not have whiskers.

Does the bat have whiskers?

Yes they had whiskers.

Do monkeys have whiskers?

No monkeys do not have whiskers

Does dolphins have whiskers?

no dolphins do not have whiskers

What is old whiskers?

old whiskers is a old cat.. old whiskers is a old cat..

Are skunks better then elaphants?

skunks because elaphants can hurt you more then skunks.

Do skunks have wings?

No, skunks do not have wings.

Do bunnies have whiskers?

Yes. Bunnies do have whiskers.

Why does guinea pigs have whiskers?

yes they do have whiskers.

Why does a gerbil have whiskers?

Yes gerbils do have whiskers

Do any bears have whiskers?

Yes They do have whiskers.

Do poodles have whiskers?

Yes, poodles have whiskers.

Do a hamsters have whiskers?

Yes, hamsters do have whiskers.

Is this how you spell whiskers?

Yes, that is how you spell whiskers.

Do raccoons have whiskers?

Yes,yes they do have whiskers

Do hedgehog have whiskers?

Yes. Hedgehogs have whiskers.

Are a cat's whiskers always white?

A cat's whiskers can be any color, but in most cases, the whiskers do not retain melanin; therefore, the majority of cat whiskers are white.

Do cats and dogs both have whiskers?

Yes dogs and cats have whiskers (thats how you spell it) Cats' whiskers are long. Dogs have short and kind of scratchy whiskers.

What is a good cat floss name?

Whiskers. 'cause cats' whiskers look like floss.Whiskers!You're cat's teeth will be as shiny as their whiskers!cool, no?

When do skunks appear?

At night. Skunks are nocturnal.

What is a skunks natual enemy?

Skunks have no predators

Does Ireland have skunks?

no - Ireland has no skunks - thankfully!

Do skunks have quills?

Porcupines do but skunks do not have quills.

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