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no i dont think so :(

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2020-08-11 15:35:15

i think so it depends are they mammals?

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i think so as long as they are mammals then yes?

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Do three toed sloths lay eggs?

No, sloths are not monotremes.

Which is an example of commensalism in the tropical rainforest?

: Insects lay eggs in a sloth's waste Insects lay eggs in the sloths waste

Does a sloth have live birth or does it lay eggs?

Sloths are mammals and all mammals have live births.

Do scorpiions lay eggs?

They do not lay eggs. They do not lay eggs. They do not lay eggs.

Birds that lay eggs?

Female birds lay eggs, and they will lay eggs even when the eggs are not fertilized

Do sloths give birth to eggs?


How do eggs get from a cow to your refrigerator?

Cows do not lay eggs,Cows do not lay eggs,

Do tetras lay eggs?

Tetras lay eggs. only you lay eggs if you are a girl!

Does a scorpion lay eggs?

scorpion does not lay eggs. it is not like the spider which lay eggs.

How many eggs can an armadillo lay?

Armadillos do not lay eggs.

How many eggs lay eggs?

Eggs can not lay eggs. The animal baby has to hatch out of the egg and grow into an adult. Then she can lay eggs.

How do squirrels lay eggs?

they lay eggs

Do caterpillars lay blue eggs?

caterpilles do not lay eggs. no thay lay white eggs

Can male roosters lay eggs?

No, roosters do not lay eggs. Only hens lay eggs.

Does a fox lay eggs?

No, Foxes do not lay eggs. They are mamals. #

Does a ostrich lay eggs?

AN ostrich does lay eggs, big eggs.

Do snakes have live birth or lay eggs?

they lay eggs

Do eagles lay eggs?

Yes, eagles do lay eggs. They are birds, and all birds lay eggs.

Do salamanders lay eggs or give live birth?

the lay eggs most anphibians lay eggs

Do rabbit lay eggs or don't lay eggs?

No, rabbits do not lay eggs. They are mammals, and have their young live.

Where do frogs and turtles lay eggs?

Frogs lay eggs in the water, turtles lay eggs on land.

Why does the tadpole lay its eggs on a string?

Tadoles do not lay eggs. Tadpoles emerge from eggs. It is the adult frog or toad that lays eggs. Frogs lay their eggs in clusters, but toads tend to lay their eggs in a string.

Does a walrus lay eggs?

No, it is a mammal that does not lay eggs.

Does the walrus lay eggs?

No it doesnt lay eggs

Does a starfish lay eggs?

Yes they do lay eggs.

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