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Do slugs eat clovers and or grass?


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They eat most vegitation, including mushrooms. They may eat grass, and they sometimes eat clovers. In their tank, just make sure to include murky water, mud, and lots of vegetation. - slug lova


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They eat grass and sea slugs eat seaweed.

they eat grass, clovers, and rarely algae

They can eat any kind of grass as long as it isn't a weed. They can have clovers too!

I believe they eat plants, like grass, clovers ect.

Rabbits can eat all kinds of grass. They can also eat hay, sunflower seeds, and clovers too.

slugs eat lettuces thrushes eat slugs sparrowhawks eat thrushes rabbits eat lettuces foxes eat rabbits sparrowhawks eat rabbits rabbits eat grass

They eat mice ,slugs, and small insects.

Arctic hares eat grass buried in the snow until it's spring--- then they eat dandelions, grass, clovers and more!

no they eat clovers and some times lil flowers

while eating grass , clovers ,leaves,and drinking water a caterpillar should at least eat a 30 lbs in a day while eating grass , clovers ,leaves,and drinking water a caterpillar should at least eat a 30 lbs in a day

they are found in wet grass and in flowers because they love to eat them

feed it grass and it drinks water

they can eat grass, weeds, leaves, hay, and clovers and the new shoots of many shrubs and trees.

Suffolk sheep eat what most sheep breeds eat. They eat pasture plants that are in their area. These consist of clovers, grass, and forbs.

I have a willy bear caterpillar as a pet so I know What they eat ,grass clovers ,leaves, possibly flowers and twigs THEY LOVE CLOVERS 4more info email me

Rabbits can eat grass, dandelions, and clovers. Those all produce their own food.

a small animal that eats grass would be rats they eat grass and smaller rodents some mice but not many bunnies just eat clovers or dandillionshope this helps! :)

YES, He/she can eat clovers, weeds, and grass! They love it!Improved:No, grass isn't bad for guinea pigs, it is actually very good for them and they enjoy it a ton!

You can't eat clovers because you might taste something different!!!!

No, they mostly eat insects, grubs, earthworms, snails, slugs and some plant material such as tubers.

Slugs can eat parsley. Slugs can eat anything, even if it kills it.

No, dragonflies do not eat slugs.

Rabbits can eat any type of clovers, be it four-leaf or two.

Clovers don't really eat because they are plants. But basically they eat sunlight and water. Watch Magic School Bus

They can eat clovers and a lots of other plants and weeds that may grow in your garden.

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