Do small animals help you learn?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Yes, small mammals, such as guinea pigs, hamsters, and gerbils help you learn.

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Q: Do small animals help you learn?
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Why learn about endangered animals?

Because you can help save animals that are endangered.

Zoos are good?

zoos don't just help animals in the wild they also help kids learn about the animals in the zoo

Do firefighter make small fires to help plant and animals that need to survive?

do firefighters make small fires to help plant and animals to survive

What are the advantages and of using animals organs?

disadvantage you can get infections or a body rejection Advantagecan get imune to some diesases

What is the use of dissecting set?

A Dissecting set is the little bundle of experiment for children and teens. it is destined and designed to help children dissect insects and small animals and learn about their physiology, anatomy and biological features.

What do you learn from helping animals?

Animals can teach us many things. When you rescue an animal they look in your eye with a look that transcends species. You know they know you have saved them. You learn what complete devotion feels like. You will also learn beyond the shadow of a doubt that animals are sentient beings. They feel fear, pain, loneliness, gratitude and love. You will also learn that so many animals need our help there are not enough people involved in animal rescue to help them all. But the most important lesson you will learn is there are few things more rewarding than helping an animal.

What do butterflies do to help the environment?

They help pollinate plants and provide a food source for for animals such as birds and small reptiles.

Thorns and small hairs on plant stems and leaves help to?

Prevent other animals from eating them.

What do scientists learn from animals in zoos?

they learn behavioral patterns of the animals.

What are the diffent ways that animals learn?

animals can learn by doing or seeing

Why do zoos help people learn about animals?

1. New diseases and cures that animals carry 2. Why clones of certain animals don't go correctly 3. How animals react to certain things (i.e meeting new animals, eating new foods I think you can learn these things from zoos I hope I helped you!

Why do domestic cats have claws?

To help them catch small animals such as mice and birds, which they eat.