Do snakes live in sandal trees?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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Sandalwood tree snakes live.

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Q: Do snakes live in sandal trees?
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Where do snakes live in the rainforests?

in trees an on the ground

Are the sandal wood trees endangered?

Sandal wood trees are not endangered at the moment. They are found in less quantities. They are usually valued for their price and smell.

Are there any snakes that live in trees in the US?


Where Sandal Trees are avilable In Pakistan?

you basterd

Can snakes live in apple trees?

as long as they have apples in the tree

Are flying snakes marine?

no they are arboreal which means they live on trees.

How do you get sandal wood on sims 2 castaway?

you get a metal axe and you go to the volcano jungle and there are sandal wood trees there.

What else do snakes live in other than trees?

Caves, under the ground, ponds/around ponds. Actually, i never knew snakes lived in trees!I believe snakes such as pythons tend to hang around in trees. Snakes can also be found in rivers and in the sea.

What kind of animals live in a tre?

There are many animals that live in trees, including monkeys. Birds, bats, and snakes are all animals that live in trees.

Where do emerald green tree snakes live?

the amazon rainforest in low trees our the forest floor

What are five animals that live in the rainforest?


What animals live in trees in africa?

Well there would be monkeys probably and snakes and lizards. Also bugs like everywhere else in the world.