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snow leopards migte. did u know that this website is a fake. cuz people can give the wrong answer to any thing. hahaha lol

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snow leopards do not migrate or hibernate

Amur leopards neither hibernate, estivate nor hibernate.

yes, because i does not migrate or hibernate

Leopards don't hibernate, none of the species in the cat family does. Leopards doesn't migrate either, but might occasionally move if prey or water becomes too scarce.

Because leopards live in warm areas, they neither hibernate nor migrate. The climate is stable enough where they live to allow them to sustain themselves year round.

it depends on the weather

nono they live through the cold all year long

bears hibernate they do not migrate.

Snow Leopards don't migrate because their hides and fur are adapted to the freezing cold. They also have white camouflage so that they can hunt more easily during winter.

its because they don't they only are awake for all year round.

They do not migrate or hibernate.

No, elephants do not hibernate because if they live in the savannah, they won't get snow so they won't have to hibernate. But they do migrate, which means they change location to search for food.

No, lions do not migrate nor do they hibernate.

Whale migrate they do not and cannot hibernate.

Lions neither hibernate or migrate.

They don't migrate or hibernate.

Tigers do not hibernate or migrate.

Sea horses do not hibernate or migrate.

Neither. They don't migrate ORhibernate!

No, the Clownfish does not hibernate nor does it migrate.

A puma neither migrates nor does it hibernate.

Unfortuantly pandas do not hibernate. Im not sure about migrate but my answer is none. They dont hibernate or migrate. Answered by Pepsi906

jellyfish dont migrate and or hibernate either

Koalas neither hibernate nor migrate.

the wild mink does not hibernate or migrate for the winter

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