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Do sociopaths and pathological liars and narcissists premeditate lies and situations and do they premeditate what they'll say if they're caught?


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October 11, 2010 7:31AM

------This is just my personal opinion after having a relationship with a sociopath:

I don't think socipaths sit and diabolically (sp) create situations, scripts and scenarios. I think its that they see an end result -- something that will benefit them and they see only that and whatever or whoever they crush in the process of getting there, is unimportant to them. Socipaths are pretty slick and easily lie. Lies just pour out of their mouths. I don't think they sit and think what they'll say when caught. I think its just second nature to them. Like an automatic reflex.

------As a sociopath, i can tell you that lying is a fun game to play during my daily routine. I tell the truth sometimes when i dont really care but other times, i will lie about the smallest of things, up to some pretty big stuff. As i speak to the person im lying to, i read their face to see if they've caught on, usually they all end up believing my stories. But to answer your question, i lie on the spot most of the time, and am able to come up with answers with ease. Some nights, before i go to sleep, ill think about the lies i told and facts to make them valid in case anyone confronts me on them. There is a quote i read that is spot on, "The perfect lies are covered by half-truths". Anyways, there is your answer.