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------This is just my personal opinion after having a relationship with a sociopath:

I don't think socipaths sit and diabolically (sp) create situations, scripts and scenarios. I think its that they see an end result -- something that will benefit them and they see only that and whatever or whoever they crush in the process of getting there, is unimportant to them. Socipaths are pretty slick and easily lie. Lies just pour out of their mouths. I don't think they sit and think what they'll say when caught. I think its just second nature to them. Like an automatic reflex.

------As a sociopath, i can tell you that lying is a fun game to play during my daily routine. I tell the truth sometimes when i dont really care but other times, i will lie about the smallest of things, up to some pretty big stuff. As i speak to the person im lying to, i read their face to see if they've caught on, usually they all end up believing my stories. But to answer your question, i lie on the spot most of the time, and am able to come up with answers with ease. Some nights, before i go to sleep, ill think about the lies i told and facts to make them valid in case anyone confronts me on them. There is a quote i read that is spot on, "The perfect lies are covered by half-truths". Anyways, there is your answer.

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Are narcissists and sociopaths mostly closeted gay people?

Not at all

Can someone be both a sociopath and a narcissist?

Narcissism & Sociopathy are on the same spectrum ALL Sociopaths are also Narcissists NOT all Narcissists are Sociopaths, though. The spectrum only runs one way.

Are pathological liars dangerous?

Extremely. Avoid sociopaths at all costs. They will only hurt you and you will not change them.

Is it at all possible to be a narcissistic sociopath while suffering from Munchhausen's?

Yes, it is. Many sociopaths are narcissistic by nature (i.e. caring about themselves to an extreme). Munchausen's syndrome is related to narcissism, as it is focused on attention-getting. Most sociopaths do not have Munchausen's, but most people with Munchausen's are probably sociopaths (or at least narcissists).

Can sociopath have a long relationship with sociopath?

It is certainly possible for sociopaths to band together, forming gangs that can more effectively accomplish their pathological purposes. Insanity can be shared.

Are all abusers narcissistic or are all narcissists abusers?

Not all abusers are narcissists, but all narcissists are abusive. Thats right. Some abusers are BPD. Some are sociopaths. But all abusers have a personality disorder. All are selfish (to a dangerous degree). All lack empathy (when it gets in the way of their selfish desires..and there are innumerous desires, they are never satisfied).

Do any famous people have delusional disorder?

We cannot answer your question because of legal considerations. It is, however, a safe bet that there are a number of narcissists and sociopaths in the national news every day.

Do sociopaths know they are sociopaths?

yes and no

Do sociopaths tend to gravitate towards other sociopaths?

Sociopaths might find other sociopaths interesting, but would soon fall become bored and frustrated. Sociopaths like easy prey to manipulate, as they like to feel everything is below them. So sociopaths might actually try to avoid other sociopaths.

Are most narcissists sociopaths?

Narcissists lack empathy just as sociopaths do, but narcissists have strong emotions (including love) where sociopaths don't.Sociopaths believe they're free from the rules of society, and as such, they should be able to have what they want, when they want it, and you'd best not get in their way. Fiction (and real-life prisons) are filled with sociopaths, from Bonnie and Clyde to white-collar criminals who've plundered the retirement plans of their employees. The only time you see repentance from a sociopath is when he's caught, and the remorse isn't for the victims but for himself. Sociopaths are well suited for a life of crime, as they lack the internal moral workings that lead to feelings of guilt and empathy. Because of this, they stay calm when engaged in high-risk criminal behaviors. Studies looking at heart rate, blood pressure and other physiological indicators of stress have shown that sociopaths aren't easily flustered?a phenomenon referred to as "low arousal." This may also account for how sociopaths can often "trick" polygraph tests. In Risk Factor, my villain is both sociopathic and narcissistic, a common mixture. What gives him added punch is his intelligence and ability to conceal his inner nastiness. The combination of sociopathy, high IQ and self-awareness is what creates mastermind criminals. These are the most successful sociopaths, as they know how to keep their criminal activities and lack of empathy well hidden. Some sociopaths, like John Wayne Gacy, who tortured, killed and then buried victims in the crawl space of his house, wear the mantel of respectability. This is the killer next door?the one who leaves the neighbors stunned and commenting, "He seemed like such a nice guy."

Do sociopaths love their parents?

Sociopaths are incapable of love.

Do sociopaths know they're sociopaths?

Sociopaths generally know that they are different from others, but not that they are sociopaths. They have probably known that they were different from an early age, and may distrust others who want them to be 'normal'.

Can professional men be sociopaths?

Yes. In fact, the self-serving amoral attitude, if hidden in social situations, can actually be useful in getting ahead in the corporate world.

Are serial killers sociopaths?

Yes, serial killers are sociopaths.

Are there more gay sociopaths that straight sociopaths?

No, in fact, it's the opposite. There are many more straight sociopaths than gay ones.

Why are sociopaths secretive?

Society has formed a very negative view of sociopaths, and sociopaths tend to be logical so why would they want people to know?

Does only psychopaths and sociopaths have no conscience or can just a plain narcissist have no conscience too?

The characteristic of not having a conscience is the main symptom of sociopathy (same thing as a psychopath) and arises, it is believed, from an inability to connect emotionally with others (i.e., no ability to love or care for others situations). Narcissism is a protrayal of high regard for the self, when really, on the inside, the person has little to no self confidence. This doesn't have to do with a lack of conscience--sometimes narcissists are overly involved and can be insensitive to others, but they have the ability to feel that is wrong. Sociopaths don't. If the two occur together (a narcissistic psychopath) than yes, he/she would be w/o a conscience.

Can a person have narcissistic traits and be an emotional manipulatior what the best way to deal with them if you have dumped them will they leave you alone?

It depends, and without knowing the individual nobody can give you a rock solid guarantee of what they will do. Generally sociopaths and manipulative narcissists are kindred, but in this regard they may not be. Sociopaths are not emotionally attached to anyone or anything but themselves, so if you dump them then they'll probably be moving swiftly on to their next partner/victim. There will be no hard feelings because there never were any feelings. Narcissists may consider your act of dumping them as effrontery and an insult to their (perceived) greatness, possibly they will defame you to others or seek revenge. Whether that revenge is violent or not will depend upon the particular narcissist. The best way to deal with them is to let people who you trust know the circumstances of the break-up, and if you feel it's necessary let the police know. Involving the police is usually enough to keep sociopaths/narcissists at bay-they don't like the idea of prison and losing their liberty and chance to scam people.

Can sociopaths cry?

Yes. Sociopaths lack empathy, not the ability to feel sorrow.

How Sociopaths use religion?

In my experience, sociopaths use religion to manipulate others.

What are some things sociopaths will do?

Sociopaths will stalk people, follow people and talk to themselves.

Why are sociopaths so charming and attentive?

sociopaths know what people want to see and show it to them. that is the short answer.

Do sociopaths or narcissists return to their victims?

Sociopathscrave victims and narcissists need people to feed their self importance.Yes, but they get bored very easily. Once they've had their fun they'll dump you. It's like eating a bag of crisps, for them: once it's empty, you throw the packet away. You're not "fun" any more. They crave victims but unfortunately there is no shortage of people who'll fall for that warmth and charmth.

Are sociopaths posessed?

No. However, sociopaths have a mental disorder called ASPD, or anti-social personality disorder.

Do sociopaths ever marry sociopaths?

maybe, but most sociopaths live normal lives and sometimes emotions that they have makes them snap(DF,09)In fact, the relative normality of the lives sociopaths live aren't necessary what define them as sociopaths, but their lack of conscience. It is quite likely that sociopaths sometimes marry sociopaths - look at some famous criminal couples for extreme examples. Less extreme examples are likely to be found, as this arrangement may be practical for both parties if a genuine partnership is desired.On the other hand, many sociopaths may choose more vulnerable partners, if their relationship style is abusive, and many do not (or are unable to) seek out affinity of any sort.