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AnswerYes, Narcissists believe they are superior being. They demand constant positive attention and motivation. Their subconscience allows them to believe they are better than their peers. They exaggerate their achievements and goals in order to receive admiration and praise. They don't like second place because in the narcissists mind, that means losing. The dreams of a narcissist are far more vivid and occur quite often. This coming from a self-aware narcissist
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Q: Do some narcissists have visions or lucid dreams?
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Is it possible to know you're in a dream?

Yes, such dreams are called lucid dreams. Some people occasionally have lucid dreams naturally, while other individuals put much effort into intentionally becoming lucid while dreaming.

Who can have lucid dreams?

Absolutely anyone. Although, it does come more naturally to some people than others. Some people have them throughout their lives. I had to work really hard at it, but BOY was the effort worth it! I've had some incredible experiences in my lucid dreams. And even my non-lucid dreams have become FAR more vivid and interesting since I started learning to lucid dream. Just give it a try, and don't give up! You can do it! There are even aids you can get to help you achieve a lucid dream if you're struggling.

What happens in a lucid dream?

A "lucid dream" is nothing more than a dream in which you realize that you are dreaming while remaining asleep. There is a tremendous amount of nonsense circulating on the Internet about lucid dreams along with opportunities to spend money on useless instruction books and gadgets claiming to produce lucid dreams.> Some individuals are able to become aware that they are dreaming quite easily and direct their dreams just as they would a daydream or waking fantasy. But that does not mean that everyone can or should have lucid dreams.

Can you control the outcome of your dreams?

Generally, no, it is not possible to control the outcome of one's dreams. Dreams are produced by the subconscious mind which is not particularly responsive to conscious desires. Some individuals learn to control some dreams through "lucid dreaming." However, there is much nonsense on the Internet about lucid dreaming, which is not as easy as rumors claim it to be.

How can you be sure you will have a lucid dream tonight?

You can't. I've had lucid dreams at random, even with practice and using techniques that are really good. WILDs have high success rates, as do MILDs, but usually, you can't predict them. After a good bit a practice, and coming up with self techinques, you may "master" and almost always have lucid dreams. But there is no sure way, some people can have lucid dreams at will, but they natrually have the ability.

Can you lucid dream everynight?

Yes, some individuals are able to lucid dream every night. However, excessive practice of lucid dreaming can lead to loss of natural dreams, resulting in symptoms of sleep deprivation. Natural dreams are necessary for both physical and emotional health.

Is there a way to control your dreams?

Dreams are generated by the subconscious mind while the conscious mind rests in sleep. The intention to control dreams (or anything else) is a function of the conscious mind, and the subconscious mind is not likely to pay attention to those intentions. It is possible for some individuals to learn the skill of lucid dreaming, which gives some limited control over nightmares and repetitive dreams. However, much of the information currently published about lucid dreaming is unreliable nonsense and will only disturb normal healthy sleeping. Also, lucidity is anecdotal, and a lucid dream is still a dream. In my case, I'm 55, I have only had one dream that I considered truly lucid and controllable, but that state only persisted for a few moments. All of the other so called "lucid" dreams that I have had, even those I thought to be "controllable", turned out to be nested dreams, where I dreamed that I was dreaming, which tends to invalidate the concept, at least for me, of truly lucid dreams.

How many times can you lucid dream?

There's no limit on how many lucid dreams someone can have. Some people will only have a handful in their life time, others will have thousands. It varies from person to person.

Why do some people have lucid dreams while others don't?

Lucid dreams represent a mistake in the mind - rather like a hiccup - that confuses aspects of awakening with aspects of deep sleep. Instead of the conscious mind being at rest while the unconscious mind produces dreams, when lucid dreams occur, some portion of the mind becomes conscious and aware of a dream taking place. Some individuals experience lucid dreams naturally or with very little effort, while other individuals cannot achieve lucidity while dreaming no matter how hard they try. This is nothing more than natural variation among individuals, similar to the ability to roll the tongue or whistle between the teeth. Neither variation has particular value or significance.

What is the opposite of lucid dreams?

In a lucid dream, the conscious mind maintains some level of awareness. The dreamer knows that a dream is occurring and may be able to have some control over what happens in the dream. The opposite of a lucid dream would be a dream in which the dreamer is not aware of dreaming and has no control over what is felt or done in the dream.

Is it possible to control what your dreams are?

The short answer is no, not usually and not easily. Dreams are produced by your subconscious mind, while your wanting to be in control is a function of your conscious, waking mind. Some persons are able to focus or meditate on a specific subject before falling asleep, and increase the chances of their dreaming of that subject. But how your dreams handle that subject remains in the control of the subconscious mind. > Lucid dreaming is a popular subject and a lot of nonsense about lucid dreaming circulates on the Internet. Some individuals are able to become "lucid" or aware that they are dreaming while the dream is occurring. Somewhat fewer individuals are able to learn to control their lucid dreams. But success requires practice and self-discipline, and has the potential to disrupt normal sleep and the function of natural dreams that are important to health.

Can a human being control their dreams?

They can.More information:To some extent it is possible to take some control of dreams through lucid dreaming. Some individuals have more success in developing this skill than others. At the present time, there is a great deal of interest in lucid dreaming, and quite a lot of unfounded claims that are unsupported by any legitimate research. See the link attached below, which has less nonsense than many other lucid dreaming sites on the Web.

Where can a person go online to analyze some common dreams?

There are many places online to learn about the meanings behind common dreams. World of Lucid Dreamin, Dream Moods, Horoscope, About, and Shine all have articles about common dreams.

What are some types of dreams?

lucid, wet, nightmare, over joyous, jubilant The first 3 are legit the last 2 I threw in for effect.

Are lucid dreams real?

Yes, lucid dreams—which, for the uninitiated, are dreams where you’re aware you’re sleeping and can often control aspects of your dream—are real. While people doubted their existence for years, a slew of research in the second half of the last century put those doubts to sleep.The way researchers proved it is pretty cool. They taught test subjects methods to induce lucid dreams (there are plenty out there, if you’re interested), then hooked them to polygraph machines as they slept. The subjects had agreed to perform specific actions in their dreams when they achieved lucidity—actions that’d show up on a polygraph test, like patterns of eye movements or fist clenches; lo and behold, the subjects fell asleep, then gave the signals.For most, lucid dreams are happy accidents, but some suggest pursuing the ability to reliably lucid dream can help avert nightmares, alleviate anxiety, and even aid in physical rehabilitation.

Are some somatic narcissists gay?

Yes, there are some somatic narcissists who are gay.

Since starting Nadolol i have had very vivid dreams some are awful I talk in my sleep Any insight?

i also take nadolol and have experienced vivid dreams and lucid dreams, my dreams are not scary or bad more weird & crazy... Hopefully you stop getting awful dreams. as for talking in your sleep i have no idea

What is the best antonym for lucid?

Some antonyms of lucid are dim, obscure and irrational.

Is it true that at night if you think about one thing you will dream about it?

It is true that some people are able to influence their dreams to some extent, by thinking about a particular person or subject just before falling asleep. Because dreams are formed in the subconscious mind rather than by the conscious, waking mind, such dreams may not turn out the way the dreamer expects.It is also possible to practice lucid dreaming, which is where the conscious mind can become active in the process of dreaming and influence the course of the dream. In lucid dreams, the dreamer may be able to ask questions of the dream characters, stop or change events, or cause themselves to wake up. Lucid dreaming is particularly helpful when recurrent nightmares are a problem.

How do you get visions in your dreams?

Dreams are involuntary. Natural dreams are produced by the subconscious mind which is not particularly responsive to the desires of the conscious mind. The term "visions" generally refers to something that is seen through divine (or supernatural) inspiration. By definition, then, one cannot get "visions" by one's own effort. Some individuals claim to be able to "incubate a dream" through prayer, ritual or meditation on a certain subject or question before going to sleep. But there is very little reliable evidence supporting such claims.

What are some good Reality checks for lucid dreaming?

Well in lucid dreams, you can usually fly, go through walls, not be able to feel pain, and other things like that. So if you keep trying to fly into a wall and not only fail, but feel pain, then you are most likely to be awake.

Does cold air promote dreams?

for some it might, I get dreams with cool air, but its different with all people, some people claim to get dreams by drinking apple juice with ice cubes in it, its common knowledge that eating curry or spicy food before bed can promote dreams, in fact there are heaps of foods that claim to "give very vivid lucid dreams" , I don't know if cooler air promotes dreams but I find it very refreshing in the morning hope this helped

How can you lucid dream if you have been trying for a while?

Lucid dreaming is not nearly as easy (or fun) as it appears from reports on the Internet and other popular media. Some individuals are not able to become aware within their dreams, and there is nothing problematic about that. Lucid dreaming was developed as a therapy tool to be used under professional supervision. It is not a harmless recreational activity. See attached link for further information on healthy sleep.

What does it mean if you have visions daily?

It depends on what they are visions OF. God speaks to some people through visions but Satan does too. And also having "visions" can be a symptom of a mental illness for some people.

Who discovered what a dream is?

Frederik van Eeden discovered lucid dreaming. Dreaming helps alleviate stress in your life. Some people think dreams can be analyzed and foretell what will happen in your life.