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No, all four angles with in a rectangle are right angles.

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If a parallelogram has a right angle it is a rectangle.

Many. If there is no right angle it's not a rectangle...

Rectangles are parallelograms with right angles.

The simple answer is no, not all parallelograms have at least one right angle. However, there are some that do. Rectangles and squares are 'special' parallelograms that all have at least one right angle.

A right angle is a 90* degrees angle is like a corner of a doora 90 degree angleexample:all rectangles have only right angles

Squares, rectangles, and some triangles, most commonly. Any polygon could have a right angle if it is irregular.

when you measure polygons that use right angles, like squares or rectangles.

Rectangles just need 4 sides that all have right angles, which a square has. A square needs all sides equal and at a right angle, which a rectangle doesn't have

Yes, a rectangle is defined as a parallelogram with one right angle.

Any and all squares and rectangles. Every one of these two shapes has only right angles. Though some triangles also have right angles.

Yes: PARALLELOGRAMS can be rectangles. The difference is that rectangles must have one right angle, so not all parallelograms are rectangles, but all rectangles are parallelograms, by defiinition. Parallegram doesn't define anything in the English vocabulary.

divide that angle iron in to 2 rectangles and solve it according to the farmulas of rectangles

No because it could be a right angled trapezoid. A rectangle must have four right angles. Yes, a parallelogram with a right angle is always a rectangle. In fact, in my geometry book, some 55 years ago such was the definition of rectangle. A parallelogram with one right angle will always have four right angles. The right angled trapezoids that are not rectangles are not parallelograms.

It can be a trapezium, kite, arrowhead, or a general quadrangle. Squares and rectangles also have one right angle - they have more that 1, but that still means they have 1.

You can't, it's impossible since rectangles have all right angles.

Rectangles and squares are the only parallelograms that contain 90 degree angles.

Only some are. A rhombus can only be a rectangle if it has a right angle in it. And then it's also a square. BTW . . . Seems to me that if you have a bunch of them, they're "rhombera" .

Yes, that's true.I think you'd also find that one right angle is enough to do it.

a lot of shapes do if you think about it. a triangle(right triangle) A square and rectangles

Trapezoids are never rectangles because, by definition a trapezoid has only one pair of parallel sides, and at most one right angle. A rectangle has two pairs of parallel sides and four right angles.

Yes. A rectangle is defined as a quadrilateral with opposite sides parallel and of equal length, and all angles equal to 90° (right angles)

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