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Because you are squatting

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Q: Do squats work the calf muscles?
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What muscles do you use for squats?

Hamstrings, quads, calf and abdominal

How do squats work?

Squats work by stimulating your the lower extremity muscles especially the gluteal muscles and the leg muscles. It is used for strength, stamina and muscle building.

How many squats and calf raises to do inable to dunk?

I do 200 squats a day and 200 calf raises

What muscles does a calf raiser work?

your calf. A calf raiser works the calf muscle. A calf its really made up of three different muscles: the gastrocnemius, the plantaris, and the soleus.

What muscles could you build for triple jump?

you can work on your calf muscles and you hops

What are the best exercises to improve it?

Squats and deadlifts will work your gluteal muscles (as well as many other muscles).

What muscles does squats work out?

Squats are one of the best, if not the best, exercises you can do. This is because they work so many muscles, while forcing you to stabilize and balance your body under a heavy load. The primary muscles involved are the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and adductors.

What muscles do step ups work?

They work your quadriceps/thighs, hamstrings, gastronemius, (upper and lower calf muscles).

How can you jump higher?

Exercises like squats, calf raises, lunge and also work on your core like abs.

How do calf muscles work?

when you walk run or jog. when you walk your calf is being streched upon a force.

What are typical weight training exercises for the legs?

The best weight training exercises are squats, deadlifts, and their variations. Ensure that you are doing at least one kind of squat or deadlift at each (full body) workout. Then, if you want to do more for your upper legs, consider seated knee extensions, leg presses, leg curls. Of course, you could supplement back squats with hack squats or sissy squats, or just use front squats. For calf training, alternate (at different training sessions) doing standing or donkey calf raises with seated calf raises. Also, do not forget to work the muscles on the front of your shins using a D.A.R.D. machine or weighted toe raises.

How do you work out your legs?

there are a lot of excises like squats calf raises leg extensions leg curls leg pressRun .

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