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Do students place more emphasis on sport than academics?

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Some do - some are more interested in learning and doing good in later life, however.

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Why must students have good grades to play sports?

Students are generally required to maintain a certain GPA to play sports because the school system does not want students or their families to place more emphasis on the sport than on education. Setting a minimum GPA ensures that the student will focus on academics if they wish to continue playing the sport they enjoy.

Does Australian society place too much emphasis on sport?

NO! there is not!

Does the media put too much emphasis on sport?


Do students who play sports focus more on sports than academics?

not at all, it depends on the person and possibly their lifestyle and the people around them. but mainly if they choose to focus on sport more then their academics it's their choice, not generally though, i play 3 sports and i still did quite well i my junior cert - and im not naturally smart at all!

What is the most popular non sport academics at the Notre Dame High School?

The Notre Dame Universtity offers a wide variety of academics. The most popular of which are Finance, Accounting and Political Science and Government.

Is Sheffield a good place to visit?

Sheffield, South yorkshire, England is a delightful place to visit with a variety of sport, history and culture with two fantastic university's for students.

How can sport impact school students?

sport can impact on school students as it's keping them active so they are not always stuck behind a desk

What sport do french students play?


There is too much emphasis on winning in sports today?

now adays the sport is increasing important for life and a huge number of people focus on the sport

What sport take place in veldrome?

The sport that takes place at a velodrome is cycling.

What kind of training do coaches do for students?

depends on the sport.

Why should female students participate in sport?

They shouldn't.

What percent of students play sports?

74% of students play sports

Do you have to go to a university to play a sport there?

Yes, you must be enrolled in classes to play. That is why they are called a STUDENT- athlete. Academics comes before athletics.

If all students participated in sport would the world be a better place?

anyhow better.. aside from other bad things like WEED/DRUGS and ALCOHOLS.

Kenyan culture includes an emphasis on runningin part because its are ideally suited to this sport?

high grasslands

What is the sport that takes place in flemington?

The sport of golf.

A whitechapel is the name of a shot in which sport?

in no sport. Its a place

Why are sixith grade students not allowed 2 play a sport?

They ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the most popular sport college students play?


What percentage of high school students are involved in a sport?


When students receive money to play a particular sport at a college or university it is an example of aid.?

When students receive money to play a particular sport at a college or university, it is an example of _____ aid. n…

Kenyan culture includes an emphasis on running in part because its are ideally suited to this sport?

high grasslands000 APEX

In Tasha's school 0.600 of the students participate in a school sport If there are one thousand students in tasha's school how many participate in a school sport?

.6 x 1000= 600 what sports do you participate in?

What is the most popular sport middle school students play?

I am not sure