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Not normally. Sometimes individuals that already know the lessons are bored and don't pay attention. But if a normal kid did that, they wouldn't learn the material.

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Q: Do students who dont pay attention in class get better grades than the ones who do?
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What does a teacher ask students to pay in a class?

A teacher asks students to pay attention in class!

What is wrong with schools today?

students are misbehaving in class, and some students dont care about their grades.

what is escape plus class escape CLASSS?

attention escape students

Why are some students more intelligent than others in the class?

Because some students study when others don't and also some students don't pay attention in class.

Why don't some students do their homework?

because sometimes we have better things to do or we are tired or we don't feel like it Maybe they are not a good or a hard working student juring lesson, but i think if they listen in class, they might think homeworks are easy, they they maybe will do the EASY HOMEWORKS!! Some students are not mature enough to understand that the homework is to help them learn more and make better grades, and that better grades means a better job and better future.

Why do students raise their hand in class?

Because it avoids everyone shouting for attention.

How can I improve my math grades?

You can study, pay attention in class, and try not to use a calculator when solving your homework.

Why are college students always angry?

Some college students are angry because of stress probably. 12 grade to college is a big step in life, and they might feal frustrated. Some students are use to it so they are happy, but others dont like it so they are always angry. Because students are required to take classes that seem like they're going to be awesome and then they turn out to have bad professors who wear shirts with a hole in the front and boobs can be very distracting.

How many students in a class if you are the 57th best student and 57th worst student?

If there are 56 students better than you, and 56 students worse than you, there are 113 students in the class. 56 (better) + 56 (worse) + 1 (you) = 113

What is 5th grade intervention?

It's where you go to a class and they help you with were you can get better grades.

Should i have your attention?

Whether or not you should have someones attention will depend on what you are doing. If you were a teacher trying to teach a class for example, then yes, you should have the full attention of the students.

Why do students fail in math?

The main cause - is not paying attention in class ! If students pay attention to what they're being taught - most of it will sink in to the point they can recall it when they do the exam at the end of the year.