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Only little sunflowers grow in winter. Most sunflowers grow in summer.

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Q: Do sunflowers grow in summer or winter?
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Do sunflowers grow in Chicago?

Yes, it is possible to grow sunflowers during the summer in Chicago.

Is it true that when lots of wild sunflowers grow a bad winter will follow?

No, there is no relation for Sunflowers and winter season.

What grass is good for a maze?

sunflowers because they grow big in the summer

Do a sunflower still grow in winter?

Common sunflowers are annuals, and will die in the autumn before winter.

Do sunflowers grow annually?

Yes. They die off each winter and grow again from seeds.

Can sun flowers grow in the winter?

No.The sunflowers wouldn't get enough sunlight.

What is the best time of the year to grow sunflowers?

Spring sowing, summer flowering

Do apples grow in winter?

yes apples grow in the winter if you try to grow an apple in the summer it will not grow apples only grow in the winter

Do sunflowers grow in the Philippines?

yes. every summer around april, you'll see a number of sunflowers at the entrance of UP Diliman

Does toe and fingernails grow faster in summer or winter?


Do your nails grow faster in the winter?

No, They grow faster in the summer.

Do sunflowers grow in Spain?

Yes, sunflowers will grow in Spain.

Do sunflowers grow in Italy?

Yes, sunflowers will grow in Italy.

Do popies grow in summer or winter?


Does Red Oat Grass grow faster in summer or winter?

in summer

Does sunlight affect the height of sunflowers?

Sunflowers love sunshine and need to grow in full all day sun. If you want to grow them to 20ft tall or more.See the contest at the Royal winter fair.

Do they grow grapes in Italy?

grapes grow in the winter and get harvested in summer

Do your nails grow faster in the summer or winter?


What is the answer to the riddle in winter i grow in summer i die what am i?

a snowflake

Which sunflowers grow seeds?

According to research, all sunflowers grow seeds.

Will sunflowers grow in milk?

No, sunflowers prefer to grow in well-manured soil.

What time of year do sunflowers grow?

Sunflowers grow in the summer and will face the sun when in bloom. In most areas, sow them in spring. In very mild climates, they sometimes also grow during the cooler months as well.Sunflowers grow near highways and Kansas, Minnesota, and North and South Dakota are one of the cheifs in growing sunflowers.

How fast do nails grow?

Your nails grow faster in the summer than in winter.

Do sunflowers grow in fields?

They grow in fields. But only in the summer.So,that means only 17% grows in the fall,winter.and spring.There you have it they grow in fields but only in summer.

What parts of the world do sunflowers grow?

sunflowers grow in America typically in warm places