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Domestic sunflowers (Helianthus annus) are annual plants, so they must be replanted every year. Other sunflower species, such as the Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus), are perennial plants and do not require replanting.

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Do sunflowers have tap roots?

The common garden sunflower (Helianthus annuus) does not have a tap root, and must be replanted every year. Many wild species and some domesticated ones, such as the Jerusalem artichoke, do produce a tap root.

What two perennial vegetables can produce on their own for several years and do not need to be replanted every year like other vegetables?

Rhubarb and asparagus come back year after year, growing larger and larger and do not need to be replanted every year like other vegetables,

What are the plants called that have to be replanted every year?

Plants which grow from seed each year are called annuals.

Do classic sunflowers have to be planted every year?

no they dont

What two vegetables do not have to be replanted every year?

In many temperate areas, asparagus re-sprouts each year.

Do pansies have to be replanted each year?

Pansies are an annual plant. You need to buy new ones every year.

Is it true that all vegetables are annual plants and they have to be re grown every year?

There are a couple of vegetables that are perennials and will come back every year, but for the most part vegetables are annuals that need to be replanted every year.

How old does a sunflower get?

In most cases Sunflowers are annuals, so they grow from seed every year.

How many trees are replanted each year?

Over 2.3 billion trees were planted in America last year. I'm not sure, but I think most of them were replanted by forest/logging companies.

Can chrysanthemums be replanted?

Chrysanthemums can be replanted.

What are small and seasonal plants called?

Annuals are plants that need to be replanted every year. Perennials are plants that come up year after year on their own. Some are small, and some are not.

What value are sunflowers to the economy?

Sunflowers for seed production is a $14 billion dollar a year business.

How many years will a single sweet corn stalk plant keep yielding food if the current ears are removed?

Sweet Corn is an annual and must be replanted every year

Is the grass that grows on most lawns an annual biennial or a perennial explain?

It's a perennial because it grows back every year. Grass is not replanted yearly, and therefore, it is a perennial.

Where in the US do sunflowers grow?

Sunflowers can be grown in every state. Alaska and Hawaii are the only states that do not have a native species of sunflower.

Will sunflowers come back next year?

Domestic sunflowers are annuals. The plant will die off completely at the end of each year. If the seeds are left on the head to fall off and scatter, it is possible that new sunflowers will grow there the following year. Some species of wild sunflowers, as well as Jerusalem artichokes, have a tap root that will allow the plant to grow back the following year.

Do sunflowers grow in the Philippines?

yes. every summer around april, you'll see a number of sunflowers at the entrance of UP Diliman

How often do you water your sunflowers?

Every 2 or 3 days

Can you buy sunflowers for a June wedding?

Yes, you can buy Sunflowers for a June wedding. In States where the weather is fairly warm this is the time of year that Sunflowers grow and if you don't live in a warmer climate any florist can have the Sunflowers shipped in.

What year did van Gogh paint his 'Sunflowers' paintings?

He painted 7 of them in 1888, after having painted four in 1887.

Do sunflowers planted come back each year?

Unless growing a known perennial variety, no. Most sunflowers that people typically grow are annuals and die off at the end of the year.

How long do sunflowers take to grow?

Sunflowers are annuals, they grow from seeds into full grown plants that flower and produce seeds of their own all in one year.

What percentage of land in the UK is used for agriculture?

For permanent crops: about 0.2%, arable land(replanted every harvest): 23.23% over 70 %

Where did van Gogh paint 'Sunflowers'?

The "Sunflowers" were painted in Arles, France

Does corn have to be replanted after harvest?