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Hydrosphere erodes a part of lithosphere and at the same time the atmosphere is constantly incorporating a part of hydrosphere via evaporation and dumping some of it in lithosphere. From the lithosphere, it is transported back to the hydrosphere and the cycle continues.

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Q: Do the atmosphere hydrosphere and the lithosphere interact with each other?
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How does the hydrosphere interact with the other spheres?

The hydrosphere interacts with the other spheres: Atmosphere: If the temperature increases or decreases, the water could freeze or dry up Lithosphere: Rocks could crack and break due to freezing Biosphere: Land and water could disappear

What is unique about biosphere?

it is unique in that it exists entirely within other spheres; lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere

How do thunderstorms and the atmosphere interact with each other?

well, when the hydrosphere reaches the atmosphere they make a weather storm such as a thunderstorm, rain etc.

How does the biosphere rely on the spheres for survival?

Well the Biosphere needs all other three spheres to live (lithosphere,atmosphere,and hydrosphere.)

How do the lithosphere biosphere hydrosphere and atmosphere interact with each other?

When the rain falls onto the ground the rain which is hydrosphere meet with the ground(Lithosphere). This is your answer...

Do the earths spheres interact?

they interact by matter like the cryosphere is the frozen part of the Earth,and the hydrosphere is all the water on Earth,and last but not least the atmosphere it is all the gases on Earth.And we have the biosphere that makes up from all the living things on Earth,and the Geosphere is the solid rock part of the Earth.

Is the crust part of the lithosphere hydrosphere atmosphere or biosphere?

how is the earths crust related to the lithosphere

What system serves as an interface between the other spheres?

The biosphere serves as an interface between the spheres, enabling water to move between the lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere.

Which two spheres interact to produce waves and currents?

A. - the geosphere and biosphere B. - the biosphere and hydrosphere C. - the cryosphere and atmosphere D. - the atmosphere and hydrosphere - Pick any of these answers but to be smart... Go search them up and you will learn. :)

How does the atmosphere interact with the other spheres?

The atmosphere is one of the most important spheres. If there was no atmosphere there would be no biosphere. If there was no biosphere there would only be the geosphere. Also, without no atmosphere there would be no more hydrosphere because of space radiation. So without the atmosphere there would only be the geosphere.

What are 5 physical elements of the environment?

Biosphere Atmosphere Hydrosphere Lithosphere but i can remember the other one ill get back to you when i do - air - flora & fauna - soil - solar energy (heat & light) - water

What material makes up the earth?

the earth is made up of four major categories: atmosphere, biosphere, lithosphere, and hydrosphere.