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Q: Do the dress circle seats in the ford oriental theater have an obstructed view?
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What is dress code for dress circle?

The dress code for the dress circle section at the theater is formal. Fancy dresses for the women and suits or tuxes for the men.

What is an oriental high-necked dress called?

Cheong sam

What is the dress code at Her Majesty's theater in London?

Her Majesty's Theatre dress code

How did dress circle in a theatre become to be known as such?

The dress circle is usually the first gallery and was originally set apart for audience in evening dress.

Are dress circle seats good in the theater?

Some areas are yes, but it very much depends on the style of the building. The front rows of a dress circle usually have an excellent view of the stage and can cost as much as the front seats in the stalls. Just like in the stalls, the furthur away you get the harder it is to see but the circles are usually raked to make that easier.

What is theater eriquette?

Theater ETIQUETTE can vary from theater to theater (ex. dress code) but it usually includes the followingNo talking during a performanceNo food or drink in theater (usually)No ruckusNo catcallingNo changing seats.No recording

What are the release dates for General Electric Theater - 1953 The Graduation Dress 9-7?

General Electric Theater - 1953 The Graduation Dress 9-7 was released on: USA: 30 October 1960

What does a Jewish bride wear to her wedding?

Usually a white dress, but Oriental Jews sometimes where colorful dresses. clothes

How do you dress for a circle dance?

wear a hulu hoop

Where do you get the red dress on poptropica?

well im not sure..... you can go to 24 carrot island do to the theater and check who has the dress that's how i got it

Why is it called dress circle in a cinema?

In theatres of the Victorian period (around 1850) the dress circle was where the most expensive seats were placed. These normally sat just above the orchestra and had a superb view of the stage. The people that sat here worn "dress clothing", this was normally evening gowns for ladies and gentlemen wore shirt and tails. To be seated here was a status thing. It became the dress circle for that reason. Even today in Broadway and the West end of London the Dress Circle is the most expensive area.

When and where did greek theater begin?

when and where did the greek theatre begin?When:- in the year 690 BCEWhere:- in a theater were no women could go the men had to dress up as women to have them in a play