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The Final Jeopardy bets are revealed after the 30 seconds of writing time ends. Before then, the contestants don't know how much the other contestants bet.

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Why do jeopardy contestants mispronouce their answers when they are correct?

Contestants are human and they make mistakes, but they sometimes do not know how to pronounce a name as they have only read it.

How do Jeopardy contestants know the answers?

Jeopardy! contestants have to rely on their own knowledge and any clues in the question to figure out the answers. There are some strategies. One contestant called ahead to find out when his episode would be airing, because shows on or around holidays usually have a themed category.

Why do the contestants on Jeopardy say what is then answer the question?

The Jeopardy show has a strange format where they give you a category and tell you the answer or clue within that category and the contestant is supposed to come up with what the question would have been. It's all very confusing sometimes because we know the question the contestants asks is the answer even if they choose to call it a question on the show. On the double Jeopardy round if the Contestant does not phase it in the form of a question in is counted as wrong and they lose the points and another contestant gets to answer (wait shouldn't that be another get to say the question) Anyway that is why.

Do contestants on Deal or No Deal know they are going to be picked before the game starts?

Contestants on deal or no deal do know ahead of time that they will be picked

Do contestants on jeopardy know the question before the show airs?

Sure the show was taped long before they air the program. You might mean "Did they know in advance that the question was going to be asked?" That's like asking if the show is a total fraud that passes out a list of questions and tells the contestants to study them. In truth, for the contestants, it's sort of like The Tonight Show's 'sidewalk all-stars'. The sketch is funny because most of us know the answer to the question Jay is asking. Many of the answers to the Jeopardy questions are known by all three contestants, but only one wins a chance to answer by ringing in first. Remember, they are on the show because they pride themselves on being able to answer trivia questions. They would not like to have the questions passed out ahead of time to everyone because they feel they would lose their advantage. So, in a sense, they know the answer to the question before the team of writers for Jeopardy even made up the question. With travel and lodging as high as it is some of the 3rd place finishers lose money for the chance to be on the show.

How do they pick the home run derby contestants?

The captans pick the contestants. I just don't know how they pick the captains.

Do contestants on Fetch with Ruff Ruffman get paid?

Yes, but I do not know the amount.

Do contestants on the TV show Jeopardy know the category names in advance?

No. The categories are selected at random from a specific set, and there is a period of time between the uses of any single category. Rarely, a category will be one in which none of the three has any expertise, and all will flounder.

How do you know which is the bets betta?

Well usually the best beta fish is larger and a lot more colorful and whatever you do do not put two beta fish together they will kill each other.

Do voice judges know who is singing?

No, in the show they each have a chair that is turned the opposite way of the contestant. If they like the contestants voice they will press the button which spins them around to face the contestant.

What are the most used categories that are used in jeopardy?

Jeopardy does not have a limited number of categories or a most used. If you want to know about Jeopardy questions and categories look through the programs in the Jeopardy archive. see related link

What do you do if you have two bffs that hate each other and when you hang out with one of them the other gets mad?

I hope by "bffs" you mean bestfriends, not boyfriends :|I know its hard but the bets thing to do would get them to get along with each other, have them talk to each other or try to convince one into liking the other .

What is the hardest jeopardy question?

There all easy if you know the answer

What was last category on jeopardy 12-10-10?

Question is unclear do you mean the category for final jeopardy or the last category that was answered before the final jeopardy round in the Jeopardy round or the Double Jeopardy round. I have added a link to the Jeopardy archive and you will be able to find the answer to whatever you wanted to know for the December 10 2010 Jeopardy Program. The link is below the answer information

Can you know the order the contestants on Idol came in after voting?

No they do not give the order or number of votes they got

What do they do with unused jeopardy questions?

There are no unused questions on Jeopardy. There are questions that the contestants could not answer because they tried and failed and others that they didn't even try. Both types of questions are called a triple stumper and the answers are available at the Jeopardy Archive for that date (see related link) Questions that were never presented because they ran out of time are unknown and we would never know if they are saved and to used in a different puzzle, but it seems unlikely. When you see the Team Jacob Category for January 18 2011 The first 3 Questions were Triple Stumpers and the last two were not called upon.

What was the Final Jeopardy category and answer today?

The Final Jeopardy is different each episode. The question should be asked with the Month Day and Year to allow it to be answered separately and to insure that it will not be confused with other questions asked at a different time. The Jeopardy Archive is perhaps the best source of information on programs that have already aired

Is cash cab fake?

Are the Contestants Actually Random? What we know is that some contestants are indeed random, and picked up off the streets of New York. Not all of these contestants make it on the show, even if they play a complete game, however. Other contestants are indeed screened and/or recruited. Is the Cash that Bailey Hands Out Real? Nope! The money that the contestants get as they exit the cab, which is meant to represent their winnings, isn't real cash at all. If they make it on the edited program and win, they will be mailed a check. The contestants are in fact pre-screened. Contestants act surprised when they are told, "Your in the CASH CAB!". They already know that they are on the show before they enter the cab. The trick is to make it on the program. Winners who do not make it on the program are not paid. It`s fake. http://gameshows.about.com/od/cashcab/a/cash_cab_real.htm ~ It is real, my sister and her friends were on it. Didn't know they were going to be on cash cab however they knew they were gonna be on something just not cash cab.

Will there be a Jeopardy kids week 2011?

The 2011 Jeopardy Kids Week will be July 4th-8th 2011. I would know, I'm one of the kids.

Did anyone know Russell hantz on heroes vs villiains?

The Survivor contestants didn't know him until meeting him. However, some watched the season he appeared on.

Does shadow the hedgehog likes someone?

Not that we really know of, but our best bets are Maria, Amy, Rouge, Tikal, or Molly from Sonic X.

Is it possible for an outsider to post a question to be used in the final Jeopardy?

There is no Process currently existing that allows you to provide the Final Jeopardy Clue and Category to be answered.Jeopardy has website and under the category The Crew Crewyou can provide an interesting location or to quote them: "Maybe your hometown is located on a famous historic site. Or maybe you know of an offbeat roadside attraction that would provide an amusing clue. " That is the closest I know of how any suggestion could end up on Jeopardy.

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