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Do the word claim and sentence the same meaning?


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No, the words "sentence" and "claim" do not have the same meaning.

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You should repeat the same word in a sentence when that word has the best meaning for the rest of the sentence.

"Chubby" and "fat" have about the same meaning but "fat" has more of a negative connotation meaning.

cuba,, The 12th century English word was adopted from the French word 'clamer' meaning to call or claim. This was in turn adopted from Latin 'clamare' meaning to shout and 'calare' meaning to announce solemnly. There is also a link to the Greek word 'kaleo' also meaning to call or claim.

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As in "I hereby DISCLAIM that I read the letter." meaning that you claim that you did not ... so basically the opposite of claim. -Coltrane Tryk DISCLAIM DISCLAIM DISCLAIM DISCLAIM i have ABSOLUTELY no idea. -Geferina Jkbofeista

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