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Yes you can gamble in Alaska from the comfort of your home. Have you tried online gambling? I can recommend you this site... try and the rest is history.

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Gambling in Nevada was once banned, but now the conditions there are changing slowly. Gambling is allowed in Nevada but now some strict rules are applied on the casinos and casino players and they have to follow those rules. The persons who fall into the following categories will be punished.

1. Who commits in the State any crime.

2. Who commits out of the State any act which, if committed within it, and is afterward found in the State with any of the stolen property.

3. Who, being out of the State, counsels, causes, procures, aids or abets another to commit a crime in this State.

4. Who, being out of the State, abducts or kidnaps, by force or fraud, any person, contrary to the laws of the place where the act is committed.

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Q: Do they have gambling casinos in Alaska?
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