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yes they doo

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Yes they are. Half dollars are still US legal tender.

No. They take cash and they take cards. It will depend on what card you have, but they do take various ones. Check at your local store and they will let you know what they accept.

Probiotics at local health stores. It does wonders! You can also take Mucinex, Clariton, or even Aprodine.

About 35 to 45 dollars depending on where you take it. I suggest you take it to a local archery shop and have it done there.

Most autoparts stores will take used oil for recyling. Local landfills generally take waste oil too.

You should take Mexican pesos to Mexico. It is easier to use pesos, as sometimes local exchange offices are closed and since last year most businesses don't accept dollars.

Well what you can do is look for a local electricity stores or a Radio Shack or just a local store! go take a look around hope i helped! :)if it didn't help then I'm sorry

Take it to you local coin shop. They will be happy to buy it. You can also sell it on online auction sites such as eBay.

Israel did not take over another country.

You can take your key fob to the Jaguar dealer and they will change it for you. Local hardware stores will also change it for you.

The Biblical stories of David and Solomon take place in Israel.

When you are about to go to college, make sure that you take the time to apply for local financial aid as well as the aid that is offered on a national level. There are probably businesses and organizations in your town that will give you scholarships. Many local businesses, like restaurants and grocery stores, will give out scholarships for five hundred or a thousand dollars each year. They do this as a way to promote themselves. Regardless of their reasons for doing it, though, you should take advantage of these to pay your tuition bill for your first year.

Yes I did it this summer. Your iPhone needs to be unlocked so that you can insert a local SIM card. Cheers, Michael you can rent the sim in the site Dan

Yes, there are a few videogames for the Nerf Longshot, I suggest you take a look at local toystores such as Toys 'R Us or online stores such as Amazon and eBay.

From what I understand, in Israel, the SAT is accepted in place of the local psychometric exam. For more information on this issue, take a look at

you put you hand over your chest while you shake the other person's hand, and then take the hand on your heart and cover your other hand.

There are currently 3 million (give or take) vehicles on the roads of Israel.

If you can't get Shekels Dollars is the best but it's best to convert it to Shekels right away. Alternatively you could use a foreign ATM card to withdraw Shekels.

Jerusalem is in Israel. So a better question would include another city in Israel.


Take it to you local Video Store. Best Buy, Gaming Stores, Etc. They usually have a 5-10 dollar CD repair.

I think it depends on where you are in the world. Most local fish stores will take the guppies in exchange for store credit or money.

If she's selling them in local stores, she may not have to take any if you live in a small town. However, if she wants to take no risk have her check this out:

Israel did not take anything away from Egypt in the Arab-Israeli War of 1973. In the Arab-Israeli War of 1967, Israel took the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt.

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