Do vampires live as long as vampire bats and why?


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Vampire Bats we know are real creatures and can live for only an amount of time, But vampires are half dead so they "live" forever. Hope this helped

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Vampires live as long as humans do generally.

Their is no such thing as vampires!! but if u wanna be a dummie then go ahead and believe in vampire YOUR CHOICE i m telling ya! dont waste ur time and life bu their are vampire bats who r just bats and can live long cause they r animals!!

Vampires don't live. In order to be a vampire you have to be dead. Once being a vampire you can perpetuate your existence indefinitely.

Vampires don't live. You have to be dead to be a true vampire. Otherwise what's the point of stealing life-energy.

Vampire bats have a life span of thirty years

Vampires are undead, so they can live forever without ever living or dying... Also, your question says "an vampire bat" when it should say "a vampire bat." You are welcome... xD

they can live for up to 4000 years. However, few actually do, because a vampire's life is very physically they live for at least 200 - 400 years much longer than vampire batsSnowfire97 (18/04/09):Vampires are actually thought as being immortal.However, it has never been proved that vampires live longer than normal people.Itako Shiann - 4/01/10I always thought vampires were immortal. But after many many many thousands of years their bodies change slightly. hair loses color etc. Vampire bats however do not live as long as actual vampires .... unless a vampire actually bit them and they became a vampiric vampire bat :)

Vampires are a legendary creature that is essentially immortal as long as it is not destroyed using the specific methods described in the legends. The average life of a vampire bat is 9 years in the wild. They can live for 20 or more years in captivity.

Well, vampires don't really exist in my belief but its told that vampires live forever and will never die.

Vampires are able to live forever. Things that will bring down a vampire is a werewolf, or a steak in the heart.

THEY DON'T EXIST. Vampires are immortal, meaning they can live forever. that is unless they are gruesomely attacked by a fellow vampire. Others believe you can burn them and they would die.

lets put it this way... a vampire can live in any humanly possible place in the world. the saying "vampires cant be in sunlight for long" is impudently false.

forever.To be picky, a vampires life span is indeterminate. That means we are unaware of a vampire that has died of 'natural causes'. For sure a vampire can live for a very long time indeed. The only deaths that we know of are those that have been 'induced' that is 'helped along' in some way.If you mean how long do they live, they're immortal.

I think your question was "how long do vampire live for" Well i think that they live for more than 4,000years because they drink blood from humans which can let them live for a long period of time..

570 Years. If they are dark brown they live for 100 years.

Vampires do not live, they are reanimated corpses.

Vampire folklore was around long before the discovery of vampire bats in South American in the 16th century. These bats (which feed on blood) were named after the folkloric vampire (not the other way around). The only thing that relates a fictional vampire and a real vampire bat is the name. supporting article:

I think vampire bats do hibernate

Vampires are not real, however vampire bats can eat other things like flys and other bugs hoever they prefer blood from small to medium sized mammals.

Movie/Book Vampires: Vampires are imortal and therefore will live until someone kills themReal Life Vampires: Only live as long as the average human

vampire bats have very unordinary teeth that can grow up to the inches long

Vampires have long teeth and their eye colour changes

Vampire Diaries by a long shot, I think

The Vampire Bats' mating season is all year long

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