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Do video games promote violence?

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Some might, but most Video Games vary.

for instance there is Madworld which is bloody, and there is Mario Kart which is fun and kid friendly, in my opinion video games vary!

i disagree it actually depends on who is playing. (guildwars2)

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Do violent video games promote violence?

No they don't. Well not unless your dumb enough to do things you can do in video games.

Do violent video games promote real life violence?

Though I do not believe violent video games promote real life violence, many experts believe they do. For example, in Australia violent video games are banned, and a heavy fine is placed on those found with them.

Do video games promote violents?

Only if it is a video game about violence. If it isn't than it does not promote violence. The graphics also have something to do with it. On PS3 the graphics are sooo amazing that a Rated M game about violence would be hypnotizing. It also depends on whose playing it.

Violence in video games?

Of coure there is violence in video games! Many video games have violence in it, including call of duty.

What is video game violence?

Violence in video games

Violence in games?

There is no violence. Video games are fun and educational.

Is there a cure to violence due to video games?

Violence caused by video games is non-existent.

Is there too much violence in video games?

There are many people that think there is too much violence in video games. This is why many of the games have ratings on them.

Why do video games have violence?

Video games have violence because that is what appeals to the gamers, mostly. A large portion of games, not all of the games, have violence in them due to the fact that everyone finds violence exciting. So people make more violent games

Are video games the thing that causes violence?

Not always. Video games only sometimes cause violence but it happens rarely. Violence is often cased by oter things

Can video games cause violence?

Some video games can make people weird a make violence like grand theft auto.

How many video games have violence?


What are the disadvantages of video games?

Disadvantages of video gamesAddictionDamage eyesightHeadache( continuous playing)lack of social interaction,makes ur brain dead(not challenged enuf)and fry brain cells sometimes,Some games may promote violence...

How is Violence in video games good?

Well it is to make the game fun and exciting because if there was a game with no violence it wouldnt be really fun. But that does not mean you use violence off of video games though!=~Yoshirules~=

Do video games cause real life violence?


What percentage of violence is accredited to video games?


Why is video games considered to be controversial?

The violence i guess

Do violent video games provoke violence in children?


How have business products and business values affected schools in the US?

I believe that certain products like video games and toy guns promote violence in young adults now a days

Was there less violence before video games?

No. There was no less violence, but there have been studies that have shown that there is also a lot more apathy, possibly in part due to violent video games and movies. Video games can breed apathy as well as desensitize people to violence, but it really depends on the person playing them and how often they play them.

How can video games help you?

video games helps you improve your cognitive skills. As always, there has to be balance and specific video games that you have to play. Too much of everything is not good (violence) on video games should not be overexercised.

Do video games contribute towards violence?

There has been no conclusive evidence either way, but there is no indication that video games alone will cause violence in any person; they are sometimes an incidental factor though.

Do Video games DO NOT cause violence?

Maybe if this were proper grammar you'd get an answer.

Do violent video games cause violence in children?

it depends on how mature they are

Are people desensitised to violence due to violent video games?