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It varies considerably from virus to virus. Some will invade a host but stay dormant for a long time (even decades) before they start to reproduce, Herpes Zoster (Shingles) and the virus responsible for "cold sores" are examples of these. Some, like some types of the flu and the common cold, begin the replication process as soon as the host cell is invaded and can start to shed the virus in a matter of a few days.

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Q: Do viruses reproduce slowly or quickly?
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What makes bacterial infections difficult to defeat?

bacteria reproduce quickly or Macrophages work slowly

Which makes bacterial infections difficult to defeat?

Macrophages work slowly apex Bacteria reproduce quickly.

How are viruses harmful to living cells?

Viruses can reproduce very quickly. When reproducing they enter a living cell and they inject their genetic material.

How do tiny organisms like bacteria and viruses make a person ill?

Once the bacteria or virus is inside your body it will reproduce quickly. Bacteria produce toxins. Some can directly damage your cells. Viruses kill the cell as they reproduce.

Is binary fission a viruses reproduce?

No, Viruses do not reproduce through binary fission..

WHAT makes bacterial infection difficult to defeat?

bacteria reproduce quickly or Macrophages work slowly

What make bacterial infections difficult to defeat?

bacteria reproduce quickly or Macrophages work slowly

Can a virus reproduce?

Viruses can reproduce IF they are infecting a host cell. Viruses themselves do not have the equipment necessary to reproduce on their own, so without the host, they cannot reproduce.

Do viruses need a host to reproduce?

Viruses are obligate intracellular microorganism so they require a host to reproduce

Why do scientists think viruses evolved after cells?

Viruses can only reproduce in a host cell. If viruses evolved first then how were they able to reproduce future generations?

Why do scientists think viruses are not living things list 3 ways?

viruses do not grow, and viruses do not respond to changes in their environment. Therefore, viruses are not living organisms. All living things reproduce, but Viruses need living cells to reproduce because Viruses cannot reproduce by themselves.

Can viruses reproduce as a cell?

no they reproduce as a virus or bacteria.

Where a virus develop and reproduce?

Viruses do not reproduce since they are not alive but they hijack the host's DNA to make more viruses.

What are unique characteristics of viruses?

* they are nonliving * they can mutate * they are acellular, * when in a hostcell, they can reproduce very quickly * they can possess DNA or RNA, but never both

Do viruses reproduce on their own?

yes because viruses is virus

Do viruses reproduce by mitosis?


Which of these is a characteristic of viruses?

They can reproduce.

Difference between viruses and living cells?

A virus cannot reproduce with out a host, while living cell can self-reproduce. Cells need nutrients but viruses do not. Cells metabolize but viruses do not.

Why do viruses have to be intracellular parasites?

Viruses can't reproduce outside of a cell.

Why do animal viruses infect only specific host cells?

The virisus select the host cells that are most likely to reproduce, so the disease will spread mor quickly.

What cells reproduce quickly?

Bacterial Cells. They reproduce quickly because of Asexual Reproduction

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Why is viruses not one of the five kingdoms?

because viruses are not alive they have to have a host to reproduce

What do viruses use host cells for?

Viruses use host cells to reproduce.

Can mycoplasma reproduce?

Unlike viruses, mycoplasma can reproduce outside of living cells