Do waves get taller by the shore?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Q: Do waves get taller by the shore?
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I need another way of saying waves crashing in the shore?

The waves pounding against the shoreline. The waves colliding with the shore. The waves breaking upon the beach.

What is an alliteration for waves crasing against the sea shore?

Whispering waves washing the shore.

What is the frequency of the waves traveling to the shore if six waves reach the shore in 30 seconds?

The frequency of the waves is 0.20 HZ.

What is transferred to the beach when waves hit the shore?

When waves hit the shore it transfers energy.

From which direction does the waves arrive at beach?

It depends on the wind direction. The waves may be straight on to the shore, or hit the shore at an angle.

What are the example of mechanical waves?

water waves on a shore, sound waves, earth quakes.

Near the shore tsunamis are higher or lower than average waves?

They are usually higher than average waves near shore..

Ben counts the number of waves traveling to the shore. six waves reach the shore in 30 seconds. what is the frequency of the wave?

The frequency is 720Hz

What does the term wavefront mean?

The term wave front means there are waves coming on the shore front. Wave fronts are the waves that crash upon shore and can sometimes be very huge waves.

What directions do waves move in?

Towards the shore.

When do waves stop forming?

when it hits shore

What can we do to stop the waves taking the sand away?

Waves constantly change the look of the shore, but you can stop the waves from moving the sand by creating a rock wall, however this will effect the shore furthur up