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Q: Do we say an ugly weather or ugly weather?
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How do you say ugly in Hindi?

Ugly in Hindi is क़ुरूब/kurub or बदसूरत/badsoorat.

How do you say your ugly in Philippines?


Is robert moody ugly?

I say if he is ugly his name is ugly

How do you say ugly in Welsh?

hagr: ugly hyll: ugly, hideous

How do you say your ugly in Filopino?

The phrase "You're ugly" in Filipino can be translated as "Pangit ka."

Are you ugly if lots of people say you are not?

no, if you think you are ugly then you see yourself in a differant way then others. if people say you are not ugly, well..... then you are not ;)

Are ocelots cute or ugly?

80% say cute in my class 20%say there ugly and i call my classmates who call them ugly crazy lol

Why are dresses pretty?

Well, some dresses can be ugly. When I say ugly, I MEAN UGLY! LIKE, UGLY UGLY! And some dresses can simply be pretty....AND WHEN I SAY PRETTY, I MEAN pretty!Does that answer your question? Because if it didn't......

Are people with moue ugly?

No you are not ugly if those say you are ugly is not true you are beautiful .Maybe they think you are but no body in this world always has to say you are ugly or beautiful . If they want to tell you something mean they should keep it to there self. Maybe they are ugly.

How do you say you ugly in Spanish?

feo is ugly in spanish.Feo (male) Fea (female).

How do say you are ugly in Spanish?

it is eres fea

How do you say ugly in maori?

The word for "ugly" in Maori is "whakararuraru."