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Some women say they experience symptoms right away other women can go 1-2 or even 3 months without knowing that they have conceived and are pregnant. I just found out I was pregnant with #4 6wks and I just knew I was from the symptoms I was having. all women are different if you think you are pregnant talk to you doctor they will help you find out.

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2005-04-18 10:15:18
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Q: Do women always get symptoms of pregnancy or can they go 1-2 months without realizing it?
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Can your second pregnancy symptoms be like the first pregnancy?

They can be, but I have always been told that each pregnancy is a completely new and different experience, and will possibly have very different symptoms.

Does pregnancy symptoms come quicker in 2nd pregnancy?

Not always, each pregnancy is different. Having experienced pregnancy before, you might notice symptoms sooner because you might know what to look for.

Do you always have pregnancy symptoms?

Yes, we as women always have pregnancy symptoms that's why it's so hard to tell when we are actually pregnant. The only true way to tell is a blood test from the doctor.

How soon can you have symptoms of pregnancy?

As soon as you get pregnant. I started getting symptoms when i was a month I was always sick i guess it really depends on the person.

Could stopping the birth control pill cause pregnancy symptoms?

If you're not taking the pill, it's always possible to get pregnant, fake symptoms or not.

Is it possible to have pregnancy signs without actually being pregnant?

Yes it's possible! You can feel tired, have headaches, have sore breasts and many of the symptoms without being pregnant but you always want to double check to see if you are or not for sure!

Is it possible to get pregnant even without missed period?

No, it isn't possible. Even with a missed period it isn't always a dead given. Even with pregnancy symptoms it isn't always a dead given it could just be a hormonal imbalance. Sorry.

What are second pregnancy symptoms?

2nd what is the first? here are some symptoms. Fatigue, Nausea/vomiting, tender and/or swelled breast, Sometimes fainting. Missed period is always a good sign to even rule in or out the pregnancy questions.

Can you be pregnant if your 2 days late and have no pregnancy symptoms?

Always possible but it's normal for some girls to have irregular periods.

Is it normal for everyone to suspect your pregnant because of symptoms but you dont feel it yourself?

Most people will automatically jump to the conclusion that you are pregnant, if you are displaying symptoms of pregnancy! Office gossip always has to have a latest subject!!!! Remember that all of the signs and symptoms of pregnancy, could also have other reasons as to why they are happening to your body. Take a pregnancy test and if it comes back negative, check out your symptoms with your Dr.

Do you start having symptoms right after you miss your period?

not always as each women experience different symptoms at different stages of there pregnancy. if you are worried then you should speak to your midwife who will be able to check things are ok and talk to you on what to expect out of your pregnancy.

Is chlamydia always painful?

No, most people have no symptoms for chlamydia. Among women, 80-90% don't get symptoms, and about half of men can have it without symptoms.

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