Do women like men who wear thongs?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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They are comfy and they make you feel relaxed!


I'd say for similar reasons women wear thongs and I'm sure it varies from person to person. Here's a list of some reasons.

-No underwear lines

-Makes you feel sexy

-Like how they look on you

-For your wife/girlfriend (significant other)

-Support they give

-They are very comfortable as stated above

-Can keep you cooler in summer

-A hidden wild side

-take up less room in the drawer and trips

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I hope they do because I wear them, love them, and look great in them!

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Q: Do women like men who wear thongs?
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Im a boy and like wear thongs?

its okay to like thong its natural for men and boys to wear thongs

Where can you buy men's thongs?

just wear womens

What clothing did the Australian men wear in the 1900s?

thongs lol tee hee

Are thongs legal on beaches in Hawaii?

the short answer is Yes they are! I've lived here on Maui for 10 yrs and see thongs or close to it (very cheeky bikini's) on women all the time. it's more rare to seen them on men, I wear a very skimpy rio type suit and occasionally see other men in speedo type suits, but thongs are legal. Just wear what you like and be at ease about it and everything will be fine :) Aloha!

Can you wear womens underwear if you like it?

Answer: I suppose you could but now many companies are making men's underwear using materials that are traditionally reserved for women's panties. I know guys who were thongs that are made for men and are even softer and more comfortable than the ones I wear. Of course you can many men like wearing woman's underwear they like the feel of it next to their body

Can men wear thongs?

They technically can, but that is just disturbing, so don't.

What do Singapore Indian men wear?

ONLY purple and brown striped thongs

From where can one purchase thongs for men?

Thongs for men can be purchased from websites like under gear. The website has a variety of different thongs for sale with prices ranging from $13 to $28.

Can men wear women's clothing?

Yes. Men can wear womens clothing and many do. Sometimes men feel bored so they try on a couple bikini's or thongs or miniskirts. Some men go full out and wear womens clothing in public. When i am home alone i try on my sisters bikini underwear and her tight clothes. I have a girlfriend and i am straight. I just get bored. Also, men can wear womens jeans, hoodies, jumpers, socks and such without looking like a cross dresser.

Are there any Christian men that wear thongs or g string underwear?

I am a Christian man who always wears thongs. They are amazing. Not every Christian man does, but I do.

What did men cross dressing wear?

men who like to dress in women's clothes are called " crossdressers" as the name implies, they wear dresses, blouses, pantyhose and lingerie, also they like to wear women's jewelry, like earrings and bracelets.

Why do women like when men wear polo shirts?

Cuz. Why not?