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Q: Do women take off their hats for the pledge of alliegence?
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How do you show respect for your flag?

You can salute if you are a soldier, or you can put your hand over your heart as if saying the pledge. You could say the pledge. Most of the time, men take of headgear(i.e., hats, bandannas, etc.)

Why do you take your hats off when saying the pledge of allegiance?

Peoples in the ghettos of Baltimore don't. Yo son...they gots to look proper "G".

When you say your national anthem and the pledge how you show that you love you country?

look at am American flag put right hand over your heart take off hats

How do you show respect for the US flag?

1. NEVER DROP IT. 2. When saying the pledge, take off anything on your head(sombrero, baseball-cap, hats, etc.)

What does pledge?

to promise something, " i pledge to keep milford clean" It means and is defined as the promise or commitment to something, such as a Pledge of Allegiance, a commitment to allegiance, or a promise to take responsibility for ones nation. A pledge can also be an agreement, such as a "pledge to compromise"

Do you keep fur hat on when in an event or take off?

Men should always take their hats off. Women may keep them on at an event, but it would rather silly, so off it should come. If at church women can leave their fur hat on.

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How do you make a public download?

Take off their hats

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What is the new Pledge of Allegiance as modified by Trump and the Republicans and when will it take effect?

There are no plans that I'm aware of for the pledge of allegiance to be changed.

How do you pledge for Disney friends for change?

first go onto and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and there should a button to click once you click on it, it will take you to the page and on the right side of the page you should see the buttons saying to pledge. just click on those and it will take you to the page to make a pledge

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