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No, gamma rays have the highest energy of all the waves in the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

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Q: Do x-rays have more energy than gamma rays?
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Which has a higher frequency gamma rays or xrays?

gamma has the highest frequency because on a wave chart the gamma rays have the most energy and frequency

Are xrays also gamma rays?

No; gamma rays are considered a separate category of radiation, more energetic than x-rays.

What are the similarities and differences between Xrays and gamma rays?

What are the differences between x-rays and gamma rays?

What gives off more energy infrared waves or gamma rays?

Gamma Rays

Which rays have more energy x rays or gammy rays?

Gamma rays.

Can gamma rays and xrays pass through the human body?


What are 2 electromagnetic waves besides light?

Xrays, gamma rays, microwaves, ultraviolet rays, radiowaves and infrared rays.

Do Gamma rays have more energy than light rays?

Theoretically, gamma rays are distinguished by their source, not by the amount of energy each photon carries, so it's not really possible to answer.In practice, most gamma rays have far more energy per photon than visible light.

What electromagnetic waves has the highest energy?

The highest energy are the gamma rays.

What is gamma emission?

In gamma rays atom becomes more stable by emitting excess energy in the form of gamma radiation. Gamma rays are part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Why x rays and not y rays?

Y-rays do exist. The Y is the Greek symbol for gamma. Gamma rays have more energy than x-rays and are therefore put after them.

What has more energy ultraviolet rays or gamma rays?

On the elecromagnetic spectrum, gamma rays have much more energy