Yeast Infections

Do yeast infection kill off sperms?


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Absolutely not! You can get pregnant and also give the guy the yeast infection.

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When you take antibiotics, they kill all of the bacteria in your body. There are good bacteria living in your vagina. These bacteria in your vagina live off the yeast there, keeping it under control. When you kill all the good bacteria, the yeast will overproduce and cause a yeast infection. Sometimes when you use new soaps you can get a yeast infection, or sometimes for no obvious reason at all.

Antibiotics can cause yeast infections by killing off the good bacteria in your system. you can take acidophilus to fight a yeast infection before you get one or to fight one off

It will not cure a yeast infection; in fact it could actually make it worse by killing off the good bacteria.

Your body has either had an overgrowth of bacteria (usually yeast, so a yeast infection) or there isn't enough to fight off the bad bacteria and you get a bacterial infection.

Yes; antibiotics kill both the harmful and the good bacteria in the body. Since the candida which causes yeast infection naturally occurs it can occasionally grow back faster than the good bacteria which would normally keep it from spreading if that good bacteria is being killed off by antibiotics. Even antibacterial soaps can lead to yeast infection.

When we talk about a yeast infection in women we're normally talking about a vaginal/vulva yeast infection - although yeast infections can occur elsewhere in the body. The vagina/vulva naturally contains yeast which is normally kept under control by hydrogen peroxide produced by certain strains of bacteria (also naturally occurring in the vagina/vulva), sometimes flora is thrown off balance so the yeast are allowed to overgrow...and thus a yeast infection.

This will be similar to the treatment for a women with a yeast infection - antifungal cream or medication. If this is your first yeast infection you should probably talk to your doctor (the same recommendation is given to women with their first yeast infection). Yeast infections are a result of a warm, dark, moist environment, so you can help prevent yeast infections by maintaining good hygiene and drying off thoroughly after showers or physical exertion that causes you to sweat.

Very hot liquids will kill off the yeast. Only use slightly warm water to activate the yeast.

It can yes...happened to me before. It is not that the penicillin gives you the yeast problem. The penicillin kills off bad microbes and those of value, too. So it can permit unbalanced overgrowth of some microbes - which could result in a yeast infection.

Fluconazole is the best known treatment so far for yeast infection. Aside from taking this med, you should also try to know the root cause of the infection and make a plan on how to keep off with those bad habits.

You be better off with someone like a condom, the pill etc. Salt can kill slugs though (and its not very nice when they die)!

Good question, but not usually. The common medicines that can cause yeast infections are antibiotics. Your vagina has a very tempermental pH balance of good bacteria and yeast. Both are there all the time, the yeast grows and the good bacteria eats it. They naturally maintain a healthy level of each. However, when you take antibiotics, this medicine kills off any kind of bacteria, even the good kind living in your vagina. Now, this is good because it will kill the infection for which it was prescribed, but will also kill off good bacteria- leaving nothing to balance out the yeast. The yeast builds up and causes a yeast infection. Pain killers shouldn't disrupt the balance of yeast and good bacteria so you should be safe. Here is a link to help you better understand yeast infections and medicinal interactions... Good luck! :)

Yeast is a fungi, and so it isn't an infection and cant be strictly "cured" but can be killed if you cut off its essentials (water, glucose, heat)

Yes it contains or some how makes sugar and the yeast infection will feed off the glycerol making it worse . So if you prone to a yeast infection its not a good idea to use any products that contain glycerol, you should use natural herbal like fuyan pill...

yogurt helps fight off the bacteria and doesn't make it grow.

I think so because I just started using the depo provera shot and this is my first time getting a yeast infection. I also did a little research. Hormonal changes causes yeast infections so I'm pretty sure that could cause a yeast infection.

The temperature of a yeast environment will have to be at 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Warmer temperatures will start to kill off the yeast, while colder temperatures will make it go dormant.

It can cure diarrhea caused by infection if it is all natural. If it is adulterated or extracted with chemical instead of steam distilled it could. Also if it killed off a lot of bacteria or yeast, the body may eject the kill off with diarrhea.

Yes, but they are better off getting a cream for "jock itch".

Yes, you can. Just make sure you take off your swimsuit and dry off well soon after you are done. There are plenty of chemicals in a pool to destroy the yeast and keep it from infecting anyone else.

Yes, sugar can cause and increase yeast infections as yeast thrive off sugar. If you have a yeast infection you should avoid sugars in your diet, if you keep getting yeast infections it's a good idea to change your diet and check with your doctor as this may be a symptom of diabetes.

eat raw garlic cloves, chop them up and swallow them like pills, eat two cloves three times a day and the itching will be gone in a short amount of time and the infection will be gone in a few days. cinnamon can also help, drink cinnamon tea. stay away from products with yeast in them like bread until the infection is can get yeast infections from baths, uncircumcised penises if they are not cleaned thoroughly so use a condom to be safe from that, and most common (believe it or not) antibiotics because they kill off the good bacteria that fights off the yeast. so call you doctor a.s.a.p. and tell them you think you have a yeast infection and ask if you can stop taking the antibiotic.if you don't know if it is a yeast infection symptoms are white sometimes thick discharge and itching.You never ever stop taking a antibiotic until you have finished them all!Yeast infections are not dangerous and usually heal by themselves and there are also over the counter remedies at the pharmacy. Stopping antibiotics before time can lead to serious problems where you are immune to them.

Yogurt is an effective treatment for yeast infection because of its lactobacillus acidophilus contained inhibiting infection development. Unsweetened yogurt is highly recommended. All you need to do is to rub fresh yogurt on your affected areas and let it dry for 20 minutes before washing off with water.Coconut oil is another helpful tips since it has great effect on fungi causing yeast infection. Just simply, rub coconut oil on your affected area for 4 times daily.

No. Penicillin is an antibiotic and yeast aren't sensible to antibiotics. I think that she meant to say yeast is not Sensitive to antibiotics... not sensible... Antibiotics can actually make a yeast infection worse related to killing off the use bacteria in the vaginal canal (normal flora)

Yes, you can use a yeast infection treatment during menstruation - do remember not to use tampons if you have a vaginal infection as tampons can make the infection worse, also if your vaginal flora is off-balance it can mean you're at higher risk of bacterial vaginal infections and that the bacteria responsible for TSS may be present or able to multiply to higher levels.

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