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Q: Do you agree or disagree that students should required to go to school until they're sixteen?
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Why do you have to school?

Because it is required by law that children are in school, during school days and hours, until they are sixteen.

In Ireland does everyone go to school?

Everyone is required to attend school, if they are able, until they are sixteen years old.

Are mobile phones required by students in school?


Is lockhart middle school a uniform school?

No, Lockhart Middle School does not have a uniform policy for students. Students are not required to wear a specific uniform to school.

Why every students in high school is trained to be a good citizen do you agree ar disagree?

agree maybe

Can you drop out from high school at age of sixteen with parent permission in California?

No, you are required by law to go to school until you are 18 I believe

How old are fifth years at Hogwarts?

Fifth year students at Hogwarts are fifteen years old. Most students will turn sixteen throughout the school year.

How manys days are students required to attend school per year in cuba?

Students in Cuba are required to attend school for about 190 days per year.

Should high students be required to attend high school?


Do students at Confluence Prep Academy wear uniform?

Yes. All students in the school are required to wear uniforms.

What is school like in Spain?

All Spanish children between the ages of six and sixteen are required to attend school. The education laws underwent reform in 2006.

Where can you find where schools get their work from?

Their work? A school is required to teach students and is regulated by the government. Standards are set by accrediting agencies that ensure that the school is teaching the required subjects at the required level.