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Q: Do you agree with S.E. Hinton reason for using pseudonym?
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What pseudonym did dickens begin using in 1834?

The pseudonym Charles Dickens starting using occasionally in 1834 was Boz.

What is it called when a person writes a book using another name?

They are using a pseudonym.

What is cassandra's reason for using drugs?

In Rumble Fish by S.E. Hinton, Cassandra use drugs because she tried to act to Motorcycle Boy.

Who wrote manic Monday for the bangles?

It was written by Prince, using the pseudonym "Christopher".

How old is Jenna Sauers the model who once wrote using Tatiana Anymodel as pseudonym?

she is 109,876,543,210

Who wrote huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer?

Samuel clemmens, using the pseudonym mark twain.

Who was the author of Tom Sawyer and Hucklerry Finn?

Samuel Langhorne Clemens, using the pseudonym Mark Twain.

Is Stephen King Richard Bachman?

Yes. He has published 7 books using the Richard Bachman pseudonym.

What is the pseudonym that John Hughes uses for some of his screenplays?

Edmond Dantes John Hughes has also written screenplays using his pseudonym, Edmond Dantes (protagonist of Alexandre Dumas' novel The Count of Monte Cristo).

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what is the reason of using an before an vowels

Do you agree with using animals for experiments?


People who agree to give government enough to do their will are using which theory of government?

People who agree to give government enough to do their will are using which theory of government?

Why is it inaccurate to say that Momma was Mrs. Henderson's pseudonym?

It is inaccurate because Momma is not a false name that she is using to hide her true identity.

Wt does pseudonym mean?

A pseudonym is a fictitious name, often used by an author. A famous writer may try to publish a different genre of style using an unknown name - but doesn't want to be recognised in case the book is a flop.

What is the definition of cajole?

To attempt to convince by affecting the other person's disposition rather than their reason--by joking, whining, wheedling, bribing and using similar tactics to get someone to agree with you.

What is a sentence using the word agree?

1. Yes, I do agree with you.2. I must agree that it was wrong to lock him in the closet.3. I cannot believe that you do not agree with this!4. Is there anything you two can agree on?5. Lets find something we can agree on.

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not while I'm still using them

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No Staphylococcus epidermidis does not ferment lactose, I just tested this in my microbiology lab using Mueller Hinton.

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Yes, I agree 83%!

Does the published name of an author need to match the name on the copyright for the work?

Not necessarily, but if you are using a nickname or pseudonym for publishing, it would be worthwhile to note that in the copyright registration.

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a student's ability to reason using math

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reason means logical thinking.

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what are some disadvantages of cellphone? do u agree with this statement that we shouldent use cellphones once aweek?and why you are agree with this statement

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I agree.

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I would only do that if I really needed it