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No. He will NOT return until he has signed a contract. Even if he did sign, it wouldn't be in time for next week. But for other spoilers, MNM will probrably win the Tag Team Titles back and JBL *might* just might defeat Batista for the title since he doesn't have to be pinned. No, he's not under contract and decided to look at other employment, right now.

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โˆ™ 2005-09-02 21:02:34
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Q: Do you believe in a Brock Lesnar return at first Friday Smackdown?
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Did rey mysterio return on Friday night smackdown?


What day will the undertaker return to Smackdown?

Friday 8th of April 2011

I hope taker will return he the only reason i wach wwe Friday Night Smackdown?

He Is Supposed To Return At Vickie And Edge's Wedding

When brock lesnar will return to WWE?

Brock Lesnar is currently working in the UFC and will most likely not return to the WWE.

When is undertaker coming back in 2010?

He returned last Sunday at SummerSlam. He'll return to Smackdown this Friday on the 27th.

When will brocklesner return to WWE?

brock lesnar will not return because he is wiyh another brand

When will batista return to smackdown?

Batista is set to return at SummerSlam for the WWE. Although he may return earlier to SmackDown! for the PPV. Batista is set to return to to smackdown on July 7th 28 days from today, June 9 2006

Did brock lesnar return to WWE 2011?

no he has a mma contrract

Who will return to WWE and when?

Many have returned and many will return to the WWE. Lesnar, The Rock, A Train have returned at the moment.

Will undertaker return to smackdown?


Why did brock lesnar return 2012?

brock lesnar made a return to wwe because he went to U.F.C got a heart condition and had to retire so he made his way back to the wwe and targeted john cena

When will Victoria return to smackdown?

It is doubtful she ever will.

What will happen in smackdown in 2010?

Smackdown will be sold to The Rock who will return in an owning capacity role on tv

Is Jeff hardy ever returning to Friday night smackdown?

well he said it's not goodbye forever but people are saying that he might return in the royal rumble 2010 and edge maybe.

Did WWE come to Malaysia?

they have indeed came to Malaysia in 2003.Brock Lesnar,John Cena,Sable and many of the Smackdown superstars came to Malaysia at Bukit Jalil Stadium.That was a awesome event and a lifetime opportunity in Malaysia.Hope WWE will return to Malaysia again.

Will undertaker defeat brock lesnar?

It is unlikely that Brock Lesnar will ever return to wrestling. ^^previous answer. haha thats great seeing as he just came back a week ago.

Will the undertaker return again to WWE?

The Undertaker is going to face Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam 2015.

Will RVD be at the royal rumble?

No not RVD but Bobby lashley and brock lesnar will appear in the royal rumble and i am sure of it. NO MORON, RVD DID RETURN WHILE LASHLEY IS WRESTLING IN MEXICO AND LESNAR IS IN UFC

When undertaker will come back in action?

right now Undertaker is injured but will return to fight brock lesnar at Wrestlemania 29 they said Brock Lesnar is interrested in going against Undertaker at WM29

When doesn't Jeff hardy return?

Well, he doesnt return tonight on smackdown. 26/2/10

Who beat undertaker on Friday night smackdown?

come on you fool!......................don't be so densed about the undertaker..................he is not dead and no one knows who did it!........its a story line and also he will return and take revenge on the culprit and dat culprit is Kane

When will Christian return to WWE?

Christian is already with the WWE. He is part of smackdown

Is Jeff hardy going to return to raw?

No he will not return to Raw or Smackdown or the company of World Wrestling Entertainment.

When will brock lesnar return to WWE?

he just signed a 1 year contract and is returning to wwe at WM 28

If you're riding out of town on your horse on Friday and return 3 days later on Friday how did you do it?

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