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Do you feel the effect of snort hydrocodone?

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yes you can feel the effect of snort hydrocodone

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I have snorted Oxycontin before but i was given a hydrocodone bitartrate ibuprofen im afraid because there is so much ibuprofen in it can i snort it?

Do not snort hydrocodone or ibuprofren because it will not do anything for you. you only can snort Oxycontin. If you try and snort the vicodin you are basically snorting Tylenol also and that is not good. hope this helps Ignore the person above, snorting hydrocodone will have an effect on you depending on your tolerance from the oxycontin. however, the ibuprofen will burn your throat and nose slightly. it irritates the membrane but will still have the effect. dissolving into water would lessen the pain but also the effects.

Can you snort hydrocodone 7.5mg750mg?

Yeah I do it all the time. Be warned, there is a lot to snort and a lot of apap. Maybe chew half snort the other.

When you snort hydrocodone will it hurt the liver?

Sorting hydrocodone or any drug destorys your liver as well as other organs

Can snorting the pink Hydrocodone 3600V pill get you high?

Don't ever snort hydrocodone. All it will do is cause an apocalypse of itching and burning

Can you snort hydros?

There are a lot of ways to abuse drugs, and snorting Hydrocodone is one of them.

How bad is it to snort hydrocodone?

DANGER: DO NOT SNORT HYDROCODONE in the form of VICODIN or LORTAB or any other acetaminophen binded hydrocodone. This is because 99% of it is acetaminophen which is tylenol. It will cause permanent liver damage. Snort Hydrocodone binded with ibuprofen such as Vicoprofen or anithistamine such as Chemdal HD. Actually Oxycodone will give you a much better and faster high. Although same applies. (Combunox/Percodan/Endodan/Roxiprin over acetaminophen binded Percocet, Endocet, Tylox, Roxicet)

What happens when you snort Valium?

When you snort Valium it can make you a little sick to your stomache. Mostly you just feel kind of out of it and unfocused. It can make you really tired and your eyelids might feel really heavy. In my experience it does take good effect however vicoden is much better.

Does acetaminophen hydrocodone have caffeine in it?

No, there is no caffeine in Hydrocodone or in APAP. If you're experiencing insomnia, that's a side effect of the hydrocodone.

What are the effects of snorting alprazolam?

It gives you the same effects as taking a pill by mouth. Its just when you snort it, the pill will kick in quicker and you will feel the effects way quicker. When you snort it, the effects will be stronger but the effect will wear off much quicker.

Can you snort Viagra?

yes, but it only has a side effect for 5 minutes, maybe more, depending on how many you snort.

What happens when you snort alza?

youll feel upset

Can snorting hydrocodone show up in a urinalysis?

Yes, if they're testing for it. Um, why on earth would you snort that stuff anyways?

If hydrocodone is snorted how long does it stay in your system?

if you can manage to snort a pill with all that Tylenol in it in the first place... then i would guess it only stays in your system a few days just like any other opiate. why would you ever snort a hydrocodone anyways? its too big and will burn your nose. stick to oxy

If you take methadone and hydrocodone can you feel any effects?

No, methadone will block the effects of the hydrocodone.

Does hydrocodone have an effect on sperm when trying to conceive?


Can you snort Lortabs?

Lortabs are a mixture of acetaminophen and hydrocodone, knowing how to take it is important. It can be snorted if crushed, however, it is suggested to take it orally.

What does hydrocodone do to you body?

makes you feel good

Can promethazine be taken with hydrocodone?

Yes my DR. prescribed me hydrocodone and promethazine together because the hydrocodone causes me to feel sick to my stomach. IT works great!

How long do you wait till its safe to sleep after taking hydrocodone?

After taking Hydrocodone wait about 30 minutes to go to sleep. When the Hydrocodone kicks in you will feel it.

Can you take hydrocodone cough syrup with methadone?

yes you can take as much as you want but you wont feel the hydrocodone

What happens when you snort percocet?

If you snort a percocet it will have the same effect as if you had taken them orally. they'll just hit you a little faster because the blood vessels in your nose will absorb them faster. If you're trying to get high I suggest doing this rather than eating them because you will feel them faster.....

Does Vicodin make you tired?

Vicodin contains an Opioid (hydrocodone, a Narcotic). A side effect of Opioids is sedation, so yes, you would feel sleepy, or tired.

How does hydrocodone make you feel?

It makes me feel weird at first. Then very relaxed. After that I feel a little nauseous.

Can snorting gabapentin 300 mgs get you high?

No. You'd have to snort over 1,000 milligrams to feel exactly as if you had taken 500 mg orally. Taking Gabapentin orally provides more of an effect than it would if you snort it, as inhaling doesn't increase it's bioavailability in any way

Can you snort Acetaminophen and hydrocodone bitartrate 325?

Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone Bitartrate 325 are both drugs that contain high levels of calming agents, which means that directly ingesting, weather through the nose or mouth, could result in a stopped heart.