Do you get drunk faster drinking beer with a straw?

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The drinking implement is not important. The speed at which you drink is. If you drink more in a shorter space of time then yes, naturally. Pretty self explanatory really.
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How do you drink beer?

first off, i think anyone who drinks beer should really rethink things. beer is pretty much like a slow poisoning that kills you yet bars insist on making the big bucks by selling things that KILL YOU. == You drink beer as you would drink water or milk. The mechanics are precisely the same.

How many beers are needed to get drunk?

There is no specific number of beers as different factors contribute to how quickly you become drunk including height, weight, food consumption and alcohol content eh? why don't you quit the silly games and drink a real beer already?

How many beers to be drunk?

anywhere from 3 to 8 depending on your weight or if have ever had alcohol before.

How do you get drunk faster?

There are many ways to get drunk faster: Chugging, beer bongs, rectally taking alcohol, not eating all day befor drinking and many drugs make you feel the effects of alcohol faster. All of these ways are dangerous and could lead to a trip to th emergency room or to death.

Who drinks beer?

The previous answer is problematic, in that it does not seem to take into account the parts of the world in which the legal drinking age is lower; the majority of the world has the legal drinking age between 16 and 18, with ages higher or lower being outliers. In fact, much of the United States a ( Full Answer )

Who invented the drinking straw?

The modern drinking straw was patented in 1888 by Marvin C. Stone. However, the straw is believed to go back to the Sumerians of ancient Mesopotamia, who used natural materials to form cylindrical drinking funnels so they could drink beer - doing to through a straw helped them avoid the sediments l ( Full Answer )

How many beers make you drunk?

it really depends on how high the alcohol percentage is in the drink and also your tolerance to the drink. a woman probably about 4-5 men probably 5-6 it also depends what you mean by 'drunk'

Do beer bong get you drunk faster?

Yes because of how fast you are drinking. if you could drink a beers in 3 seconds without it you would get just as drunk

When you drink root beer through a straw do you get a tummy ache?

Actually, it's more common with root beer, but drinking ANY carbonated beverages is linked to non-ulcer related stomach pain. More so, it seems, when drinking them through a straw. The reason is that when you drink carbonated beverages without a straw a portion of the carbonation is eliminated, or ( Full Answer )

Do sweet drinks make you drunk faster?

it will depend on the alcohol content compared to other drinks. the reason people tend to get drunk faster on sweet drinks such as alco-pops is that they are easy to drink so you drink more of it faster. So it's the amount you drink and speed you drink it that gets you drunk faster. But given a cert ( Full Answer )

Do mixed drinks make you drunk faster?

Only if you drink them faster or make them stronger than standard. Generally 1 1/2 ounces of liquor is equivalent to 12 ounces of beer. So based on the volume your stomach can hold at a time, it is possible to get drunk faster on strong mixed drinks, but not necessarily.

Can you get drunk if you pour beer in your rectum?

Yes. In fact, it is a quicker method of getting drunk. It also is deadly. You can get alcohol poisoning in 15 minutes depending on the amount of alcohol you use... and not much is needed to reach that level.

How much beer do you need to get drunk?

If you are under 21 in the United States, any alcohol that you consume makes you legally drunk. If you are over 21, over the legal age in the country you live in, or have no regard for safety or authority, there are 4 main variables that will affect your drunkenness: your size, your gender, your ( Full Answer )

Can you get drunk off of one beer?

if you drink it your fastest. and if its a 500 ml can of beer not a 355ml bottle. cans only cost like 2 bucks each why wouldn't you get 2 so you know ull feel atleast something?

Why do Asians get drunk faster and sober faster?

A larger percentage of persons of Asian decent, have a dominant gene mutation which interferes with the role of an enzyme called acetaldehyde dehydrogenase. The role of this enzyme is to convert acetaldehyde, a metabolite of ethanol (alcohol), into acetic acid. Persons with this mutation therefore e ( Full Answer )

Can I drink beer?

If you are 21 or older........... No, it is logically possible to drink beer as long as you have a mouth to insert the liquid and a throat to swallow the liquid and a stomach to hold the beer. _____ The majority of the world has the legal drinking age between 16 and 18, with ages higher or lo ( Full Answer )

Can you get drunk from beer?

yes you can get drunk from beer. you can get drunk from anything with acahol in it

You get more drunk if you drink alcohol through a straw?

You get drunk based on the amount of alcohol that enters your body. Straws are usually served with sweet drinks which tend to be drunk faster than others, and which also often contain more liquor.

Why does drinking through a straw get you more drunk?

In a well mixed drink it doesn't, but alcohol settles to the bottom of most drinks rather quickly, so the straw will make you drink the concentrated alcohol at the bottom of the drink

How many beers does it take to get you drunk?

It depends on the type of beer and who is drinking it. One who has been drunk a hundred times may take a few more beers to get drunk than one who has never been drunk.

Why drinking on the plane gets you drunk faster?

Because you are usually drinking on an empty stomach. There is a widely-held belief that the altitude is an issue, but the pressure altitude of a airline jet's cabin is held at a minimum of 8000 feet above mean sea level. That is not sufficiently low air pressure to affect your level of intoxication ( Full Answer )

How many beers can a male drink before getting drunk?

There are many factors involved: How big is the man? The bigger, the more he can drink without being impaired. How fast? One beer an hour and I could never get drunk. One beer every half hour and it would take me about six hours to build up to the legal limit. What type of beer? I can sit a ( Full Answer )

How much beers does it take for you to get drunk?

Depends on an individual's tolerance towards alcohol. Someone new to alcohol is likely to become drunk within one-two beers. Someone with a high tolerance could be into double figures.

Can you get drunk on ginger beer?

Yes. Ginger Beer is made from ginger, water, sugar, lemon juice and a rather special bacterial-fungal symbiote known, unsurprisingly, as the Ginger Beer Plant. It ferments up to 11% alcohol. However, most things called ginger beer today are soft drinks, and i don't think there's a single alcoholi ( Full Answer )

Can you get drunk off 4 beers?

I quess depending on how old you are my boyfriend is 15 and is drunk of 4 beers, so I think you can. I mean he Like can't type or anything so he is way drunck so I believe you can to. :)

What are some advantages of a drinking straw?

Some of the advantages of a drinking straw is for people with casts on their necks and so they don't have to risk spilling water down their neck brace or cast.

What are different uses for drinking straws?

Well apart from drinking which is probably the most obvious, they have many uses. They can be used in arts and craft for almost anything. They can be used to shoot things out of, for example peas, like recycling, The Possibilities Are Endless.

Can you get drunk off flat beer?

Sure you can. It still has the same amount of alcohol, it will just taste bad. That is, unless, flat beer is your thing.

Does someone who hardly drinks get drunk faster than someone who drinks a lot?

Yes. Alcohol is a toxin and the body can only take a certain amount before a person blacks out or dies. The more a person drinks the more the body builds resistance to it. But drinking more often is not the only factor contributing to being intoxicated faster. Size is also a factor. So if you are bi ( Full Answer )

Do shots of beer get you more drunk than drinking beer?

That all depends. The level of drunk you get depends on volume and time. If you consume a beer over an hour from standard drinking, and consume a beer over an hour through shots, they could have the same result. But if you do shots to consume the beer quicker, like shotgunning or playing century clu ( Full Answer )

How do you get a dog to drink out of a straw?

You put something sticky around the straw that a dog can eat and it will suck and lick it all off! WARNING: Make sure that whatever you put on the strae is edible for the dog and will not harm the animal in any way.

Are drinking straws electrically conductive?

That depends on the substance of which the device is fabricated. If it's made of metal, then your metal straw is electrically conductive. If it's glass or paper, then it isn't.