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The drinking implement is not important. The speed at which you drink is. If you drink more in a shorter space of time then yes, naturally. Pretty self explanatory really.


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No. The body absorbs alcohol at the same rate, regardless of how it gets in the mouth.

Yes because of how fast you are drinking. if you could drink a beers in 3 seconds without it you would get just as drunk

There has been photos of Emma drinking beer with her friends, yes.

no because a shot of beer is a mini cup and a can of beer is like a big glass

beer contains some alcohol content. Even light beer contains some.

No, but I am able to do that while drinking tea out of a pineapple shaped straw... i dont know if this helps but i hope so!!

Drinking is not good. You should not get drunk if you don't drink any strong beer or Margita etc.

There are many ways to get drunk faster: Chugging, beer bongs, rectally taking alcohol, not eating all day befor drinking and many drugs make you feel the effects of alcohol faster. All of these ways are dangerous and could lead to a trip to th emergency room or to death.

No. Drinking beer just helps to get you drunk. Only time and drinking water and staying away from things that can pollute your system can help clean your system.

That all depends. The level of drunk you get depends on volume and time. If you consume a beer over an hour from standard drinking, and consume a beer over an hour through shots, they could have the same result. But if you do shots to consume the beer quicker, like shotgunning or playing century club, then yes. If your goal is to get drunk, don't waste dishes by using shotglasses, just chug your beer.

There was no drinking age in Ancient Egypt. Beer was drunk by all ages, adults and children alike. Water generally wasn't drunk. Beer was considered one of the staples (basics) of everyday Egyptian life. The beer was fairly weak and not very intoxicating.

Depending on how your body reacts to alcohol, you might not even get drunk off of one beer.

yes you can get drunk from beer you can get drunk from anything with acahol in it

No, you cannot get drunk on beer cheese.

It depends on the type of beer and who is drinking it. One who has been drunk a hundred times may take a few more beers to get drunk than one who has never been drunk.

no the beer foam does not get u drunk

You drink it until you are drunk.

it is usually about 30 days depending on how much beer he has and how drunk he is.

The CEO of the Meister Beer Drinking Club is Gleason Farris.

He gets drunk on beer he takes from the fridge when he is home alone. He gets drunk on COORS beer!!

oh yeah! U need to watch it and make sure it never gets about 1 pint. Lol

There has not been a study to prove that consuming alcoholic beverages speeds up hair growth, therefore we can assume that simply drinking beer does not cause hair to grow faster.

20,456 gallons of beer.

Drinking beer does not increase facial hair.

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