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I am 5 weeks pregnant,and that was one of the earliest symptoms I noticed. But it can also be caused by other things as well. Like vaginal abrasions caused by sex or yeast infection. You should contact your doctor if u get a negative pregnancy test. Hope that helps a little

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Actually, yes.

The white gooey stuff is discharge, it keeps the vagina healthy by flushing out dead cells and bacteria, it has an acidic pH to kill off harmful microorganisms, and discharge also keeps the vagina lubricated to prevent damage. During sex you produce extra discharge as lubrication so that sex doesn't cause pain or damage, and the lubrication helps sex to feel better which helps with conception too.

Around a week before you ovulate you start producing fertile cervical mucus too. This mucus normally plugs the cervix to stop anything harmful travelling up into the uterus and causing problems, but around a week before ovulation it flows down into the vaginal canal and acts as a medium through which sperm can survive in the acidic pH of the vagina and can swim up through the cervix. Without this cervical mucus sperm couldn't reach the egg, so pregnancy couldn't occur.

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and my doc checked to see if it was an infection and it ain't

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Q: Do you get white gooey stuff in your panties in an early pregnancy?
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