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sorry there is no turismo cheat on san Andreas

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Q: Do you have a cheat of the turismo car in gta San Andreas?
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Is there a cheat for san Andreas to not destroy your car?

yes there is

Is there a cheat for a drift car in gta San Andreas?


How can you get a Turismo car in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

Go into Las Venturas and steal one.

BMW cheat GTA San Andreas?

There are no BMW's in San andreas, the closest car to a BMW in any GTA game is A Sentinel. But theres no cheats for that car.

How do you get a car mod on gta san Andreas on ps2?

do a cheat code i guess?

Cheat code for San Andreas?

look on any game webstite

Where is Audi car in gta san Andreas cheat PC?

The Audi is a CLEO3BASIS mod for PC.

What is the cheat get kitt on grand theft auto San Andreas?

first of all ,i dont know what your saying but you can find any cheat on category "what are all the cheats for gta san andreas" the car from knight rider 2008

What is the cheat for San Andreas big wheels on any car?

I dont know but i know a cheat for all properties its: XOXOXOX[][]LeftLEftXXX

Is there a cheat to get a range rover on gta san andreas and if so whats the cheat?

No but there is a car that looks like range rover :)

What is the best car on San Andreas for fitting the most gang members into?

well the car is 'strech'. the cheat for this car is 'celebrity status' get a coach

Cheat codes for lambogini San Andreas playstation 2?

There is no "Lamborghini" in Grand Theft auto San Andreas, I belive you may have seen a Modded car from the PC Version. - The Gem