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Q: Do you have a photo of a Winchester model 74 lever action rifle?
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Do you have a photo of a model 1902 22 rifle Winchester?


I am looking for photo of the Winchester 33Cal Octagonl barrell. Is there such a rifle?

look for the Winchester model 1886 in 33 cal.

Can you show a photo of a 22 Winchester pump rifle?

go to: look up Winchester rifles, the check for model 1906 of which pictures should be available............

You have what appears to be a octagon barrell possibly a 22 no other writing on it but on the bottom of the stock is the 29363 looks like a Winchester trying to find its value?

Can you post a photo someplace? I've never heard of a Winchester model that didn't have the Winchester name, the chambering and the model number stamped on it, even the lowest end guns that didn't get serial numbers still had markings. I seriously doubt it's a Winchester.

Is it As flashy as a photo session or photo action?

Photo session

Winchester 30-30 looks lk a saddle carbine stampings are -Manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Co Patented Aug 21-1894 Nickel Steel Barrel Especially made for smokeless powder 30.W.C.F- value?

The name Winchester, the caliber of the gun, and "Model of 18XX " should be stamped right into the barrel, if it's not there, then the barrel has been replaced. This pretty much killed the value of the gun, ...sorry. Winchester had a half a dozen lever actions, try searching google images and compare them with what you have, that might help. If you want, you can eMail me a photo and I can tell you for sure. Are you sure it's a Winchester? There are a lot of clones out there.

Where can I find information and a photo of a Moss berg revelation 472pca 30 30 lever action rifle?

Gun shop, gun show, on line auctions, old Mossberg Catalogs

Where can you download the operating manual for Tevion Two way radio model Action 850?

Ihave a manual for a Binitone action 850 same machine will send you photo copy FOC

What is year of Winchester model 2200 serial number L1092050?

Can you advise if it has a plain or VR Barrel, 3'' or 2.75 shells Winchokes and the pattern on the forearm, and I can advise. a photo would be helpful Keith

Where could you find a picture of a Springfield Model 86 22 bolt action?

Answer for Stevens model 86Do you want an advertisement photo, or are you in need of a snap shot of a model 86? I own one and can help you with a snap shot, if that's what you want.

What is the value of a Winchester model 94 32 serial?

Please your Winchester a rifle or carbineand are you referring to the serial number as being 32 or the caliber as .32 WCF???? Full descriptions to the firearms condition and style are a mininum to offer a value. If you can send detailed photo's I can help; Regards, Marty

How much does an abercrombie national ad model make?

about 64,000 a photo about 64,000 a photo