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Head Coach: Galen Hall

1Kerwin Bell*QB

2Rodney BrewerQB

3Brian MassingillQB

4Neal Anderson*RB

5John L. Williams*RB

6Reggie CorlewRB

7Joe GeorgeRB

8Anthony WilliamsRB

9Wayne WilliamsRB

10Ray McDonald*WR

11Ricky Nattiel*WR

12Eric HodgesWR

13James JonesWR

14Frankie NealWR

15Bret WiechmannWR

16Walter Odom*TE

17Rodney JonesTE

18Scott MarshallTE

19Greg Cleveland*OL

20Jimmy Davis*OL

21Frank McCarthy*OL

22David Williams*OL

23Jeff Zimmerman*OL

24Jack GerzinaOL

25Earl HiottOL

26Kevin SillsOL

27Henry Brown*DL

28Jeff Roth DL

29Keith Williams*DL

30Sam GarlandDL

31James BrownDL

32Alonzo Johnson*LB

33Patrick Miller*LB

34Leon Pennington*LB

35Arthur White*LB

36Scott ArmstrongLB

37Ron MotenLB

38Vernell Brown*DB

39Ricky Knight*DB

40Curtis Stacy*DB

41Jarvis Williams*DB

42Ricky MulberryDB

43Adrian WhiteDB

44Ray CriswellP

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Q: Do you have the roster for the 1987 University of Florida Gators football team?
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