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All parties areÊrequired to appear at a judgement hearing. A plaintiff who doesn't at the hearing could see their case dismissed by the judge, and a default judgement may go to the defendant. The opposite can also occur with the Plaintiff getting theÊ default judgement is the defendant doesn't show up.

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what if the plaintiff is out of the country for medical treatment
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Q: Do you have to appear for a judgment hearing?
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What is a default judgment in small claims court?

If one party in an action does not appear at the trial/hearing the court can make a default judgment. This judgment is binding unless overturned at a later date.

Are you required to appear in court before your wages can be garnished?

No, the defendant (debtor) does not have to appear at the date of the hearing. A non appearance usually results in a default judgment being entered against the debtor. The debtor will receive a notice of final judgment before the judgment creditor can take steps to have the judgment executed.

If you are summoned to appear to court for a civil judgment hearing for periodic payments and the attorney or law firm that initiated the hearing fails to show can you ask the judge to dismiss?

You may ask the judge to dismiss. He does not have to, though.

Does a judgment appear on the judgment debtor's credit report?

Generally, yes

What happens when a charged off account is bought out by an attorney and taken to court?

The debtor is served a civil summons to appear the lawsuit hearing. If the debtor does not appear he or she loses the case by default and a judgment is entered in favor of the plaintiff 9creditor). If the debtor does appear and loses the case which is the normal scenario, a judgment is still entered in favor of the creditor. The creditor can then use the judgment to garnish wages or take action against other real and/or personal propety belonging to the debtor.

You received a notice of hearing what do you do next?

I received a Notice of Hearing. Do I have to appear in court?

Do you have to appear at a joint bankruptcy hearing?

Who are "you?" If you are one of the debtors, and the hearing is not one that just the lawyers need to attend, or you do not have a lawyer, yes, you must appear.

What does motion to open judgment denied after hearing mean?

It means that someone (probably the losing party) petitioned the court to have the case re-opened and the original judgment re-considered. A hearing on the matter was conducted by the judge - and after hearing arguments for and against, the motion was DENIED.

Can your accounts get frozen with out you having to be at court?

Absolutely.It is one of the primary actions that can be taken if an unresponsive debtor is considered a threat to leave the jurisdiction or try to move assets to avoid their loss. Failure to appear at the hearing of a civil suit automatically results in a default judgment being awarded to the plaintiff. The judgment can then be used to levy the bank account of the debtor. An account can be "frozen" by the court before the hearing or a judgment is rendered to prevent any monies from being removed or transferred.

Does the debtor have to be notified of a writ of judgment?

A debtor does have to be notified of a writ of judgment. The debtor is often notified before the court hearing takes place.

What is a stipulated judgment in a Divorce?

A stipulated judgment in a divorce is a finding for the parties in which they have agreed to. This is often the result of a mediation hearing between the two parties.

Why is judgment only given only after lawful hearing?

Because that is the way the law works.

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