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A Catholic by faith should at least attend the Sunday mass - The Sabbath day.

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2009-04-22 10:14:24
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Q: Do you have to attend Mass to be a real Catholic?
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Roman Catholic what age is not required to attend mass?

a Catholic can attend mass at any age, a non- practicing Catholic will not attend mass whether it is required or not.

Can a non-Catholic attend Mass?

Yes, a non-Catholic may attend a Catholic Mass but may not receive communion.

Should I attend the rosary or the Mass for our neighbor's daughter I am not Catholic?

There is no reason why you should not attend. Non-Catholics can attend Catholic events. Personally, I would recommend that you attend, the Mass would be the Catholic equivalent of the funeral, and the Rosary would be the equivalent of the viewing.

Did Roman Catholic people go Church?

Yes, they did, and still do. In fact, Roman Catholic people may attend Mass everyday, but they are obliged to attend Sunday Mass.

How are Catholic Services like the mass?

The Mass is the primary Catholic service. Unlike Protestants, Catholics usually do not 'attend services,' they assist at Mass.

What is a church that a Catholic and Baptist may attend?

A Catholic has an obligation to attend Mass at a Catholic Church at least every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation. Baptists are welcome to attend Mass with Catholics, but may not receive the Eucharist. If, in addition to Mass, a Catholic would like to visit a Baptist Church, he or she may do so provided it does not harm his or her faith.

Which parish does Sidney and Mario attend Mass in Pit?

They are both Catholic. Just not sure which parish they attend.

Can catholics attend a Lutheran church?

Yes. All worshippers are free to attend services in any church. Updated response - Although it may be an acceptable truth that all worshipers are free to attend services in any church, the obligation for a Catholic is different. Each Catholic shares an obligation to attend Catholic mass on Sunday - The Mass within the Catholic community is the catalyst to receiving Holy Communion, which to a Catholic is a Holy Sacrament. Mass or service at any other Church for any other denomination, though spiritual and holy in its own right, does not allow a Catholic participation in the Consecration of the Holy Eucharist or therefore Holy Communion. Although there is nothing ecumenically wrong for a Catholic to attend a non-Catholic mass, liturgically this obligation to attend mass would not be fulfilled.

Should a Catholic attend mass every Sunday and Holy Day?

You must have a very serious reason not to attend mass on Sundays and Holy Days.

Can attendance at a Lutheran confirmation be used as a Roman Catholics Sun Mass obligation?

Absolutely not. Catholics are required to attend Sunday Mass at a Roman Catholic Church. Absolutely not. Catholics are required to attend Sunday Mass at a Roman Catholic Church.

Can a confirmed Anglican attend Mass in a Catholic Church?

no not really, they can go to mass but can't take communion

Can gay people attend mass?

Yes, gays are not hated by the Catholic church. They just believe gay people shouldn't pursue intimacy or marriage and should be alone for the rest of their lives.

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