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Generally not..but the Bonding Co certainly has the right to do so if they want.

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Q: Do you have to be finger printed to be bonded?
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Do you need to be Finger printed for bonding?

Yes - and an in depth background check

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covalently bonded

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Are mixtures bonded?

Mixtures are NOT bonded.

How are molecules bonded?

They are bonded by bonds

What percentage of bonded leather is plastic?

0%. If it is bonded leather it is bonded leather and not plastic!

Definition of bonded atom?

bonded atom

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It depends on what you mean by 'bonded'

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Can you be bonded after bankruptcy?

Yes, you can be bonded after bankruptcy, but it matters what you are being bonded for. Since the bond company is in essence insuring you, being bonded to be a notary public is easy, whereas getting your business bonded may be more difficult after bankruptcy.

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What are the qualifications to be bonded?

Does a past bankruptcy eliminate me from becoming bonded?

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Yes, I have been bonded before.

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