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Q: Do you have to be naked to get pregnant?
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East why to get pregnant?

Show up naked.

Did Rosalina from Naked Brothers Band get pregnant?


Can you get pregnant when you french kiss naked on the bed?

You cannot get pregnant unless you have sexual intercourse. Kissing does not equal pregnancy!

Can you get pregnant from sitting on a chair?

No, but if you are naked and there is sperm on the chair there is a very low risk.

Can you get pregnant from a wet spot on him pants if your naked and sitting directly on it?

The odds are extremely low.

Can someone get pregnant if she was rubbing herself naked against her boyfriend who didnt have underwear on if he precame?

if he had nothing on and so did she there is a possability of getting pregnant,you do not have to have sex to get pregnant if his sperm gets in her she could get prgnant

Is Ciara pregnant by 50 cent?

yes because ciara and 50cent are both naked in they new video

Can your Girlfriend Get Pregnant If ejaculate in boxer but on top of her and she is naked?

Depends on the boxer. Mike Tyson, definitely yes.

Can you get pregnant from dry humping naked?

No, you will not loose eggs by pseudo or actual sex.

Do chair have sperm?

no it don't so if u juck on it naked you would not get pregnant only if a guy spray is sperms on it then

Can a 14 year old girl get pregnant if she is naked and humping an arm chair?

No, for a post-pubescent girl to become pregnant, she must have her eggs fertilized by means of sperm from a man.

Can a female get pregnant by male putting his penis in her mouth and them both get naked?

Oh, brother. No. Take a sexual education class, would you?!