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Slim is better if your male partner is small in stature, but, the actual Salsa was done with some pretty full-figured gals. If your partner can manage the moves with you then there is no problem with a female partner that is a few pounds over-weight. The Salsa is about moves and passion, so if you are on the heavier side make those moves count. Look at your partner, it's about love, passion and sharing the rhythm of two bodies so when the moves are close get close! When he twirls you out do it gracefully and be sure to study the dance of Salsa and get that beat going. It's beautiful art if done correctly. Judges are more interested on how passionate the two have for each other(dancing as if one), how close they are together when danceing and nice crisp steps.

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Salsa the dance if from where?

The dance Salsa was made in Cuba.

Who invented the salsa dance?

The person who invented the salsa dance was George Bush.

Is salsa a folk dance and how to do salsa?

no , it is not a folk dance of any country in particular. And you dance to salsa by moving and shaking your hips to the rhythm of the drummy music :)

Why was the salsa dance created?

Salsa dance was created to control the mental stress of the people

Is salsa spanish?

The salsa is a Latin based dance.

Where was salsa dance originated?

Salsa dance is not only Cuban yet we must credit cuba for salsa dance.It is here where Contra-Danze (Country Dance) of England/France, later called Danzón, which was brought by the French who fled from Haiti, begins to mix itself with Rhumbas of African origin (Guaguanco, Colombia, Yambú). Add Són of the Cuban people, which was a mixture of the Spanish troubadour (sonero) and the African drumbeats and flavora and a partner dance flowered to the beat of the clave. Therefore creating salsa dance.

Why is the salsa dance done?

Salsa is the form of dance performed to the Salsa music created by the Spanish inhabitants of mainly the Carribean. There are various forms of Salsa, but the most popular is the couple dancing. The dance marks the strong Spanish influence and is a dance of celebration, open to improvisation.

Where do people dance salsa?

Salsa originated in the Spanish speaking regions of the Carribean. But one can dance Salsa anywhere, it is a very fun and energetic dance form with a vast room for improvisation.

How do you write dance salsa in spanish?

baile la salsa

What type of music is the salsa danced to?

'Salsa' is both the name of a dance and the type of music for which the dance was intended.

What is salsa the ballroom dance?

salsa is a latin dance. it is classed under street latin or club Latino

How is salsa performed?

salsa is performed by getting a partner and dancing with them to the beat of drums

What is a spanish dance starting with s?

Salsa dance

Which dance can also be a strong throw?

A salsa dance

Is the salsa dance part of Mexico's tradition?

No. Salsa is a Cuban-originated dance. It is widely danced in Mexico, however.

Where is salsa dance popular?

Salsa is popular in most of Latin America.

What is salsa Armando?

Salsa is a beautiful style of dance. Armando is a name. Salsa Armando can be a name for some choreographer that teaches salsa.

Can I salsa dance if I am 5.1 feet?

Course you can! Anyone can dance.

What cultures made the dance salsa?

The Salsa is mainly Puerto Rican and Cuban.

What does salsa mean?

Salsa is a Cuban dance or a Spanish tomato based sauce.

What is the national dance of cuba?

the salsa

Where did the salsa dance come from?


Where did the salsa dance originate?


Where can one purchase salsa dance shoes?

You can purchase some shoes for salsa dancing from websites such as ExoticSalsaShoes, SalsaNewYork, Dance Shoes Store, Latin Dance Fashions, and Dance 4 Less.

What is salsa in spanish?

Salsa means sauce in Spanish, but it is also a form of Spanish dance.

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