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Do you have to be thin to salsa dance with a partner or is there a weight range?



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Slim is better if your male partner is small in stature, but, the actual Salsa was done with some pretty full-figured gals. If your partner can manage the moves with you then there is no problem with a female partner that is a few pounds over-weight. The Salsa is about moves and passion, so if you are on the heavier side make those moves count. Look at your partner, it's about love, passion and sharing the rhythm of two bodies so when the moves are close get close! When he twirls you out do it gracefully and be sure to study the dance of Salsa and get that beat going. It's beautiful art if done correctly. Judges are more interested on how passionate the two have for each other(dancing as if one), how close they are together when danceing and nice crisp steps.