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Please don't wait until all your baby teeth fall out because chances are you will have missed out on the best time for fixing your bite. These days, the better approach involves two phases of straightening the teeth. I typically refer my younger patients to my orthodontist by age 8. There is no harm in seeing an orthodontist too early but there is a lot of harm in seeing one too late. By age 8, it may be too early for actually having treatment but it's not too early to determine the correct treatment plan over these transitional years of the your changing teeth. This "changing" is the time when the adult teeth are coming in and the baby teeth are falling out at the same time. What your orthodontist will be considering is the growth of your jawbones. For example, is the lower jaw bone keeping up with the upper jaw bone in terms of growth? Often times, one jaw bone will grow faster than the other and early detection and treatment of this situation will lead to a better result than if treated later when all the adult teeth have grown in. When both jawbones are correctly aligned, there is less movement of the teeth needed, which means a shorter treatment time and lower chance of relapse. That is why you have two phases of straightening the teeth. Worst case scenario is that the orthodontist will see you, see that the jawbones are growing in harmony, and he or she will put you on a schedule and call you back at the appropriate time. This will give you peace of mind that you won't miss that optimal window for fixing your bite.

By making sure that the upper and lower jaw bone grow in a balanced way, the second phase of braces a simpler and shorter process with less chance of relapse in the future. Relapse is when the teeth go back to their original crowded position as you grow into an adult. Not a good thing as most parents have their grown up children pay the second time aroubnd!

In other words, phase one of braces allows for the correct amount of space in the mouth for the incoming adult teeth so that when they do come in, they have room to be in the proper position. This makes phase 2 a simpler and shorter process since the upper and lower jawbones are correctly aligned. The way I explain this to my patients is like this: Picture building a rocket and flying to the moon. Mapping out your flight plan in the very beginning will determine whether or not you have a moon to land on. Good phase 1 treatment will determine a successful moon-landing at phase 2 because you will have timed everything properly. Once you launch that rocket, there's no changing the flight plan until you've completed your trip. Determine your flight plan by age 8 or 9 to guarantee a successful moon landing by age 12 or 13.

Do not wait until all your baby teeth have fallen out because you may have missed your launch window.

Originally taken from Do all of my baby teeth have to fall out before I get braces?

It really depends on a lot of things. If you feel your child needs braces, have a consult with an orthodontist. They will know what needs to be done or if the child should wait.

Yes, baby teeth have to be out before you get braces because they will eventually fall and when braces are put in, they put brackets on every tooth and if the baby tooth falls when the braces are on, it's going to hang by the wires.

Depends on the Case

On some people, they might wait for all the baby teeth to fall out, but in others, they don't. When I got my braces on, I still had some baby premolars. They put the braces on, and then a month or two later, pulled those baby teeth and their impacted adult teeth. They did the same thing with one of my siblings and will do the same thing to another one of my siblings.

(an addon by xoJenna18)

I have had my braces on for 3 years 1 month and 16 days and i am getting them off on the 17th of this month! I got my braces on may 1st 3 years ago and i am 14 now and i have not lost all of my teeth.. i still have 4 left. I HAD to get braces because if i didnt i would have overlapping teeth and i hhad to have my 2 baby eye teeth pulled out. So your answer is no you do not need to lose all of your teeth to get braces

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Q: Do you have to have all your baby teeth out to get braces?
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Can you still get braces with baby teeth?

It is unlikely that you get braces with baby teeth, but if they are molars or larger teeth you can.

Do you have to lose all your teeth to get braces?

Yah only ur baby teeth

What do dentists do when you get braces and you still have baby teeth?

They don't put braces they wait for the baby teeth to fall out and if the adult teeth come in wrong then they put braces.

Do you need to lose all your teeth before getting braces?

yes, you need to have lost all your baby teeth and have your adult teeth in. Because the role of braces is to have straight teeth for life --- which would be your new grown in teeth. you wouldn't want braces on baby teeth that would just eventually come out.. that would be a waste ;)

Do you get braces if your teeth are twisted?

You will have to get braces if your teeth are twisted but you don't have to get them until your 20,30 or 40 years old and your teeth can untwist if you lose all your baby teeth I think.

Do you need all baby teeth out whilst having braces?

They will be out by then, there is no point moving no permanent teeth

Can you get braces after you have had teeth pulled?

In order to receieve braces you need to have lost all of your baby teeth. The answer to your question is yes, I know of a couple people who had to get adult teeth pulled to get braces. So yes.

Do you have to have all your grown up teeth to get braces?

Dentists recommend that you grow out all your baby teeth and grow in new adult teeth because it would be a waste to straighten baby teeth if they're just gonna fall out anyway. Wait until your adult teeth grow in to get braces since adult teeth are pretty much your permanent teeth.

When can you get braces?

It all depends, everybody is different. Lots of people have braces at different ages. You can basically have braces put on once you have lost all your baby teeth. The younger (teens) you are the better as the teeth move a lot easier.

How old do you have to be to have braces?

until all your baby teeth fall out and most of them are crooked.

How many baby teeth should you loose before you get braces?

mostly all of them.

Can you get braces when your in 2nd grade?

Yes but you should get the when all your baby teeth have fallen out

Is there a reason to put braces on baby teeth?

Braces on baby teeth can be used to make room for incoming teeth if there isn't enough room naturally. Sometimes a kid will not have certain baby teeth or will lose them earlier than normal and the space will close, and braces or extractions may be necessary to make room for the permanent teeth

Do you really need all your adult teeth for braces?

Depends, you definitely can't get braces on baby teeth, but i've known people to get them while they still have some baby teeth and some permanent teeth. It depends on what your orthodontist recommends, a couple of my friends have had removable braces, and then had fixed ones. If your adult teeth aren't coming through, orthodontists can remove them. Hope this helped :)

Do you need to loose all your baby teeth before you get braces?

No, you do not need to lose all of your baby teeth, only the ones that your dentist or orthodontist tells you which ones you have to lose first.

Replacing teeth pulled for braces?

You can't replace teeth for braces - either you still have baby teeth that need to come out or you have too many teeth and the extra teeth need to be extracted.

How many teeth should you loose before you get braces?

You need to have lost all of your baby teeth and all of your grown up teeth need to have if not fully but almost fully come in. That is completley false, i have got braces and i have a baby tooth still, what they do is that they don't put a thing on that tooth and they give you 3 months to wobble your baby tooth out.

Could you put on braces when you have baby teeth?

NO! Do not do that to any baby, (Or someone with baby teeth). It would be very painful since there teeth are smaller than adult size teeth and the braces wouldn't fit on those small teeth. And plus, Why waste your money? The teeth are going to fall out anyway, Gapless or not.

How many teeth do you have to loses to get braces?

You want all of your teeth to have fallen out that way your adult teeth are in and you do not have to worry about losing teeth will you have braces.

How do you loose all your baby teeth?

Look after your teeth with no pulling or tugging or you will need braces. And brush you teeth with Colgate big teeth because this will make them look the best in the future.

How old do you need to be to have braces?

There isn't a specific age, but once your baby teeth fall out, you can get braces.

Can 8 year old can get braces?

well if you have all of your adult teeth then you can have braces cause my dentist says that if you need braces then you need all of your adult teeth!

When should you get braces?

Once all of your baby teeth have fallen out and grown in!

Do you have to remove wisdom teeth to get braces?

no, your wisdom teeth wont stop you from getting your braces, the only teeth removed before getting braces are baby teeth. although getting wisdom teeth removed when theyre coming in is necessary, and if not then straightened teeth can be moved and pushed by incoming teeth, and crowding the mouth.

What happens when you have your braces and your baby teeth falls out?

if your baby teeth falls out, it doesn't matter because it was going to fall out anyway. the whole point of braces are to make your teeth tighten and get them straight so when it was tightening your teeth, i think it caused your baby teeth to wobble and fall. but its ok because at least its not your adult teeth so dont worry! :)

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