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not really you could atualy get away a 3.0 gpa or even 2.0! Just try your best and you'll do great if you truely want to be a fashion disiner(:


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Not necessarily. But it'll be good to have the grades, just incase.

you need to get a & b grades also make sure you get a good grade in art class because that counts alot

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Good ones especialy in art and textiles. nikita says: ennit

A fashion designer is someone who designs clothes. so the clothes that you are wearing right now have been designed by a fashion designer. In case i didn't give you enough information, a fashion designer is someone who decides what to put on clothes, like stripes or flowers, so what your wearing right now is something that's been designed by a fashion designer.

Cameron corbet was a hose disiner

they dont have to have good grades

Good grades are A+ and A.

Yes, your grades have to be very good to get into a good college.

She does get good grades--A's and B's!

sometimes she had good grades and sometimes she did not.

Yes, Good grades means everything in sports. * With-out good grades, you can't go to collage. * With-out good grades, you can't get a good scholorship. * With-out good grades, the sport that you want to play won't want you. * When you enter for a sport, the first thing they look at is your grades. * With-out good grades, the school team will kick you off. Good grades mean Everything in the longrun, so study hard, and work well, and you can do anything, and get anywhere in your life.

you need A to E grades for textiles.

you mite need to be a good boy or girl and have to get good grades on your work and have too do your grades good for your cm ts

Yes Amelia Earhart had good grades she was able to succeed everything she put mind to that's how she got good grades.

That's Spanish for "You want to get good grades". It may also be a question: "Do you want to get good grades?"

Yes Fashion is good, Because it vanish the monotanous life

you need pretty good grades and apparantly you need good grade at maths you need pretty good grades and apparantly you need good grade at maths

Fashion isn't really good or bad. Fashion is just a sense of style, and it depends on each person to say if they like fashion or not.

Not all grades are good, but some are. In a letter-oriented grading system, grades of A or B are generally considered good while other grades including C, D, and F are generally considered not good or even failing. In a number-oriented grading system, grades are generally considered good if they are in the 80s or higher.

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