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Insurance companies investigating or handling a claim appoint an adjuster. I know of no instance where an insured or claimant would hire an insurance companies adjuster.

If you disagree with the company adjusters valuation or handling of your claim, You are welcome to go out and hire your own public adjuster to get a second opinion.

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Q: Do you have to hire your insurance company's recommended adjuster?
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Can insurance companys determine dictate the company to do repairs to your property?

They can't tell you who to hire, but they can decline or reject a contractors bid.

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Is adjusting an insurance claim engaging in litigation?

No. Adjusting an insurance claim is an activity that does not require any legal filings or court appearances. If an insured wished to contest the adjustment made by an insurance company, that contestation could rise to the level of litigation, but not the adjustment itself.

How do you deal with an insurance adjuster about a house fire?

The best way to deal with a home fire is to hire your own expert, called a Public Adjuster, and let him deal with it. For a small percentage fee, usually about 10%, a Public Adjuster will assemble the claim, total the entire claim and submit it to your insurance company. They then will negotiate with your insurance company in order to get you the highest settlement possible under your policy. Just one example, the landscaping in and around the house is usually covered by homeowners insurance, but rarely is is on the estimate you get from your insurance company or any contractors either! Just charging for the landscaping can often pay the fee of the Public Adjuster! If you forget something, dont charge for it, or undercharge for it, the money just stays with the insurance company, for that reason, it is to their advantage for you to remain ignorant and unrepresented, dont do it!

Where can someone find a mortgage adjuster?

A mortgage adjuster is someone who services current mortgages. One can hire such a person via the company they have a mortgage with be it Nationwide or Halifax etc.

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What do you do when a home insurance adjuster lies to the insurance company by stating there is rotted wood and then they cancel you?

It may be a good idea to hire your own home inspector to do a good thorough inspection of your home inside and out. It's best to know exactly where you stand with the condition of your home. You may then wish to reapply for your home insurance policy either through the same or a different Insurance Company.

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