Do you have to insert and remove NuvaRing at the same time or only the same day?


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You just need to insert and remove it on the same day of the week. The time of day is not important.
Being an hour late once a year won't reduce the efficacy. You just need to insert and remove it on the same day of the week.

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Yes, you remove NuvaRing three weeks after inserting it, on the same day of the week. Then you insert the next ring seven days later, on the same day of the week.

No, you only need to insert NuvaRing on the same day of the week every time, not the same time of day.

You should remove NuvaRing on schedule, three weeks after you inserted it. Remove it on the same day of the week.

After 29 days wearing the Nuvaring, you remove it (for 7 days). Then you get your period and you use the softcups. You're period is already over, when you have to insert a new Nuvaring. So you''ll never have to wear both at the same time. a user of both ;-)

NuvaRing must be inserted on the same day of the week you took it out. It does not need to be inserted at the exact time.

You need to insert the next NuvaRing on the right day, not at the exact same hours. No worries.

It is important to insert and remove the needle along the same stab lines in order to prevent more oxygen from entering the area and corrupting the results.

Yes, you can do so without any additional risk of pregnancy. You may have irregular spotting, though.

You just need to remember to put the new one back in one week later on the same that you took it out.

Nuva Ring is a flexible ring about the size of a ponytail holder that is full of hormones. It is a form of birth control that provides the hormones vaginally instead of orally. You place it inside your vagina towards the cervix and leave it there for 3 weeks. Then you remove it for one week and insert another one for 3 weeks. This cycle keeps going. It is basically like taking the birth control pill and then the placebo pills are the same as when the Nuva Ring is removed. Nuvaring is fairly affordable if you have insurance. For those who do not, you might try this Nuvaring coupon card which will get you a little discount at the pharmacy.

If you inserted NuvaRing during the first five days of your period, you have immediate protection against pregnancy. It's not unusual for bleeding to stop after women insert NuvaRing. The instructions below are incorrect -- you shouldn't wait until your period has stopped to insert the NuvaRing if you want immediate protection. If you insert that first ring more than five days after your period starts, you should use a backup method for seven days.

Putting the Nuva Ring in a "little late" on the day it is due should not cause any problems.

If your Nuvaring comes out, then your chances of pregnancy are the same as any female without contraceptive protection.

You insert a new NuvaRing every four weeks. So if you put in the last one on March 1styou take it out on March 22nd and put the new one in on March 29th. You don't put in the next one on April 1st, May 1st, etc. Each ring packet contains stickers you can use to keep track. There's also a web site/app that can help reminder you (see related links).

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the same thing just happened to me, and I was really upset but I called organon, they said its perfectly normal, especially if i started using nuvaring recently.

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Yes, you can use the same NuvaRing after chlamydia treatment that you used before treatment. Similarly, if you have an IUD in place during chlamydia treatment, it does not need to be removed or switched out. The germ does not infect the device; it infects your tissues.

You have the same protection from NuvaRing with or without bleeding. Using a second method can increase protection, but it's not required just because you're bleeding.

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I just googled the same question...I brests hurt sooo badly and are def growing...I am 18 and have only been on nuva ring for 2 the ring making my boobs grow?!

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